Castleton breaks his hand tonight

Which should reduce the whine factor at BWA Saturday considerably. And the Wallets haven’t been playing well with him; we really need to take care of business.

He’s likely out for the season.

After watching the last two games, I have to say the game is a toss up.

Losing the last two games takes some of the luster away from the Florida game in BWA Saturday.

I think this team is squarely on the bubble and likely on the outside looking in.

I agree we are squarely on the bubble. We have to win the next two games against FL and GA because we will lose the next two on the road at Bama and TN. It might come down to beating Kentucky at home to determine which team makes the tournament

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Remember the old saying, “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”? We can’t seem to stop digging. That finish last night was just awful. As was said we must take FL and GA and steal one on the road.

Lunardi says we’re in if we win our home games. But we gotta win our home games.


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