Don’t seem to care about Abel’s arm.

120 pitches in 2 days.

If I’m his dad I’m not happy.


I’m not impressed with Casey. But he’s got three rings.

We should take notes, he’s a consistent force in college baseball, and knows how to make it to this game.

DVH is a great coach, but at some point we need to break over into the elite category and win a big game.

I don’t quite agree. DVH had us in the position to beat Mr. Casey. He didn’t let the pop-up drop.

I agree. But we didn’t win.

Casey had his team ready today, we didn’t.

I love DVH, but we should’ve won this. We didn’t show up like we should have in any game. This game we have been utterly embarrassed.


You can’t blame this on the coach. Casey didn’t “have his team ready.” His team benefitted from the drop ball. His team has 4 1st round draft picks. His team has a great pitcher in Abel. And, no, DVH didn’t drop that ball. He didn’t fail to get the hits. He didn’t get out-managed or out-coached. Our team got out-played by what appears to be the best team in college baseball. We appear to have the second best team in college baseball. The cliche’ of not having his team ready is probably the most overused & inaccurate phrases in sports. I just don’t buy the “outcoached” business.

My thoughts exactly.


Best pitching performance I’ve seen in awhile. I love the Hogs, but clearly the better team won this, no question.