Casey Murphy?

Was just able to join the broadcast. How well did Casey pitch? I just saw Heston get a hot and score a run.
Even Lee is pitching?

Did pretty well. Gave up solo HR to start game. Then gave up two more in T6 to the first two batters he faced. Lee replaced him & has pitched well since. Lee will get the win if we hold on.

Kacey was pretty good, but had trouble locating at times. He left a few pitches up and Alabama crushed them for solo home runs, including two that chased him in the sixth and gave the Tide a 3-2 lead. He also walked a couple of batters and took several counts to 2-2 or 3-2.

But he had good movement on his pitches and Alabama struggled to catch up. He had 11 strikeouts, which were a career high.


he pitched OK really didn’t have a dependable breaking ball and when you don’t throw any harder than him you have to live on the corners and he left some pitches right down the middle and they didn’t miss them

It wasn’t his best performance, but considering he threw 30 pitches in the first inning, he settled down and pitched pretty well the rest of the way. Think the long bottom of the fifth caused him to maybe stiffen up and pitches 101 and 103 were deposited over the wall and all of a sudden he was behind. But Kenley, of all hitters, got him off the hook.