Casey Mize.

I believe it is possible the young man starting for Texas A&M may be pitching the
best game of his career for the Aggies.
Auburn 0.
Texas A&M. 3 bottom 6
The scouts have had a treat watching Mize but the lefty from the Aggies may be making a name for himself. Sometimes this happens when teams play against the #1 arm whom is getting all the hype!

Doxakis has pitched well all year. He is the one who shut Arkansas down for the better part of seven innings in Fayetteville a couple of weeks ago. He’s just a freshman, so he’s probably going to be a star before he is finished there.

maybe our big lefty recruit from Cali can come in and do that for us.

That closer for A&M is a trip to watch.

Matt I remember that now. He sure has a great arm with awesome command. He will only get better.

I think he is a little crazy. But he is fun to watch. It would be really neat for someone to put a mic on him while he’s on the mound. I’ll bet what he is saying would really be wild!

I heard him say something along the lines of he doesn’t want anyone to know what he is saying because, “My mom wouldn’t be proud.”

You could only imagine what all he is saying out there! He sure gets excited and almost mad at times it appears. It would be funny for an umpire to think he was talking to them!

I wonder how Hoffman keeps from hyperventilating.

That’s a possibility because he’s getting after himself almost mental!