Casey Martin

Did Casey not make the Team USA? I saw that Heston and Casey Opitz did!

No, I believe he is playing at Cape Cod this summer…

Martin did not make the team after playing third base and outfield during tryouts. I’m unsure of whether he is going to Cape Cod. He has not played a game there this summer.

I thought martin should have stayed at 3d base and (hopefully) improved to very good defensive player there. If he was going to be moved, wish it had been of somewhere…he was imo below avg ss for the hogs this past season.

DVH made it c;ear again the end of the year that he would be the shortstop again next year.

Depends on how you look at it. Casey made plays the average SS could not do, I mean getting to some balls that most others couldn’t. However he was error prone but not so much from a defensive perspective but rather a tendacy to hurry up when unnecessary. That can be fixed.

Some talents are skills honed with persistence, but some talents you are born with. Martin has rare natural ability.

This right here…nailed it.

I’d sure like for Dallas Keuchel to pitch to him for about a week this summer. Casey just needs rep after rep against a crafty southpaw.

Casey has a bunch of talent. But, he is still trying to put it all together. When he does, watch out.

There is no doubt that he will be at shortstop in the fall. He’s going to play there every day in the fall. That will be a critical time for him to show if he’s going to improve defensively. He was error prone last fall. I understood that because it was a different position. I he does not improve there in the fall, maybe Dave Van Horn has a decision to think about. Right now, I expect Casey to be the shortstop next spring, but a shaky fall might change the thinking a little.

He needs to work equally hard on refraining from swinging at breaking balls outside and in the dirt. GHG!

I think Casey Martin will be a much more polished defensive player next year. Dave Van Horn knows what middle infielders are supposed to look like because he was one. He sees things there that an observer doesn’t.

Casey reminds me some of Carson Shaddy, who was terribly error-prone his first year at second base. By the second year there he was All-SEC - not just because of his offensive numbers, but because he played his position well.

Basically, it’s not just swinging at breaking pitches outside in the dirt. If that is all it was, it would be easy. He expands the zone in every direction. He swings at pitches too high. He also swings at pitches that are in the dirt inside. he has to wait deeper into the hitting zone to make his decision. That’s just becoming more patient. See it later. With that comes hitting the other way and more walks. But be clear on this, it’s not just breakers away in the dirt. This is not from me. It’s from his coaches. They have addressed it with him. He just has to become more patient.

When I looked at his swing, he’s still looking toward the pitcher during his swing instead of looking at the ball. And I agree waiting a little longer would help, he tries to pull everything vs. trying to go up the middle or to right a little more.

As Clay said, becoming more patient is the key, both in hitting and fielding. He needs to learn not to rush.

He was being patient into the zone for about the last six weeks of the regular season. That was something he and Nate Thompson worked on a lot - waiting for the ball to get deeper.

In 23 games between April 9 and May 18, Martin batted .398, drew 14 walks, and 16 of his 39 hits were for extra bases. Arkansas faced some really good pitching during that stretch, too.

For whatever reason, Martin couldn’t keep it going once the team got to Hoover. He didn’t have a good regional, played well in the super regional and fell back off in the College World Series.

There was no consistency with Casey last year at the plate. I think teams adjust to what you are doing and change their patterns. Of course, you have to adjust, too. That’s one of the things Nate and I talked about before the super regional. Baseball is a game of adjustments. All players have different streaks and paths during the season and rarely are all firing on all cylinders at the same time. Nate said teams had pitched Casey extremely well. He said Casey was “pitched” harder than anyone in the country. I don’t exactly know what that means, but I think part of that is that pitchers did a great job of not making mistakes. Trevor Ezell was pitched well, too, but he managed to foul off the best pitches and lay off those out of the zone. Eventually, he’d get a mistake. Casey didn’t do that. Too many swings and misses and not enough fouls on the borderline pitches.

Matt is right about that one hot streak late. He was going the other way or to center. Then, all of a sudden that stopped. He did go to center some in the super.

I Casey wants to get a hit so bad he makes up his mind to swing the bat before the pitch is made the bigger the situation the more app for him to swing at a ball nowhere near the plate which makes me think he was going to swing no matter what very easy to do that that’s something you will have to learn not to do if he’s ever going to reach his potential