Casey Martin

He didn’t go into details, but Dave Van Horn told me today that coaches are working on some modifications to Martin’s swing. He’ll be in the lineup tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see if he looks any different.

This is JMO but I would love to see him move up on top of the plate and dare them to throw him inside,He has incredibly quick hands to get to the inside FB and him 1 ft closer to the plate would allow him to cover the outside corner,be curious to what they are thinking.

I am very confident the coaches know what they’re doing. Now how quickly Casey can adapt is a different story. We all know he has the talent, but something is going on with him. We’re not nearly as good without him. He might not be the baseball equivalent of Isaiah Joe, but it hurts us if he’s not “on.”

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There are things that he’ll be doing that’s going to help him. But I still maintain that coming back from hand surgery isn’t as easy as most expect. I talked to Andrew Benintendi after his surgery, the same thing. The surgery from hamate bone break is not easy. It just takes time to regain your strength. You miss two months and timing is lost. Casey had that surgery in October. He’s full go, but that doesn’t mean there is still going to be improvement coming.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that as successful as Casey’s freshman season was, especially with his power production, and all the accolades that came with it, he has struggled to repeat that success. Started last season and has carried over into this season as well. He does have the talent and capability to repeat that success. But the longer he struggled the more frustrated he became and the harder he tried to become that hitter again. To the point of pressing to much at the plate. Frustration builds on itself and the harder he is pressing to be that guy. Pitchers started pitching to him differently and he hasn’t seemed to be able to adapt to that.
I may be totally off base here, after all, it is just mvho. However, it’s hard for a power hitter to not think he has to hit a HR every time he comes to bat. He wants to be that guy!! He has the skill and talent to be that guy. With Patients and good coaching, I believe he will become that guy again.

Two hits already today including a 2-run double. Maybe he’s coming out of it… :crossed_fingers:

Martin has opened up his batting stance some today. It looks more in line with what it looked like as a freshman.

Hope he keeps it up

I haven’t seen them throwing Casey those frisbee sliders that he can’t lay off. But 3-for-3 isn’t a bad day.

Yeah that is true. But if he will just be smart and not get behind, he should be able to get some fastballs. He just gets behind so quickly swinging at crap

Well, there’s a breaking ball, still can’t hit it. Would help if he actually watched the ball to the bat. His head was looking in left field the entire time

I still think he needs to move closer to the plate where he can at least get some bat on the ball and he’s got quick enough hands to hit the FB inside.

If his injury was a hamate bone, then I might caution that MLB players who have that injury take a full season to get back to full strength. The HR totals tend to drop in half for one year until strength is rebuilt.

That’s my point. I do not know if he’s going to hit as many HRs this season. I did like what I saw today. He does not have to hit home runs to be effective for this team.

Martin has a good day at the plate today.

I was watching Martin intently. I didn’t see what you saw. He didn’t open up his stance more. He was a little more closed and when the pitch was delivered he completely closed his stance and squared up to the plate. He was then in perfect position to protect the plate. He tracked the ball better and he was not swinging blindly. Also, I noticed when he was in the on-deck circle he had a different practice swing. There was absolutely no lift in his practice swings. It almost looked like he was talking to himself. He was taking a more deliberate practice swing and it was level to downward. Made my heart soar.

You contrast that with Washington Jr’s practice swings where he was taking really upper cut swings, almost 75 percent angle. I was not happy. I know I’m older and more traditional and have to give up and go with the flow but I still believe these elevated launch angles cause more strike outs, more pop ups and more warning track fly balls.

That’s the key, flatten the swing and keep the bat in the zone more. Swinging flat, and down will give you a chance against the slider. Upper cut does not.

As well as he was hitting, I wondered why they had him try to bunt two straight pitches (he fouled both off) in one of the later innings when there were two men on. He then swung wildly at the next pitch. It looked like the two bunt attempts threw him off.

That’s the play there. Arkansas was down one with runners on first and second and no outs. Almost every coach will try to bunt them over in that situation.