Casey Martin we need you!!

Time for you to unleash the beast big man and show this world series what you really all about!!!

Come on Casey…wps

I’m with you youdaman! Just maybe Casey can blast a few hard hit line drives tonight. With his speed bunting is huge as well.

He was clueless tonight.

downright awful but he had plenty of company!! embarrasing how bad that guy made us look. :roll: :roll:

Maybe he needs to go to same eye dr goodheart went to. He’s not going to get a pitch he can pull unless it’s a mistake by pitchers.

Our best hitter tonight was the number 9 batter. I guess nobody read the scouting report on FSU pitchers.

To be fair, we barreled up 5 or 6 balls that looked for all the world to be hits off the bat - but they were directly at FSU defenders. I give them credit for the plays made, but the harsh reality is that if those balls were even a foot or two in a different direction the FSU players would have had NO play on them. Or, in the case of the line drive to 2nd base, if the ball touches the turf instead of being an inch off the ground (and caught by the defender), maybe Franklin scores; at the least, it would not have been a double play. Or, if Heston’s fly is 6 inches higher, it’s either a HR or off the wall for 2 or 3 bases.

In the long run, these things balance out. Problem is, in a short tournament like this, they rarely have time to.

If a frog had legs - yada yada.
I know baseball and most major sports are a game of inches and we came up short on that.

If a frog had wings

Maybe they will learn! They haven’t all year so we won’t see the bunt to squeeze!
I would have bunted Goodheart with Franklin at 3. I also would have had Martin bunt with Franklin at 2B. Especially with Martin’s speed and his lack of a quality AB!
Just how can you get beat the way we need? Pitiful!