Casey Martin was huge tonight!

4 hits! was huge all night!!

be great to make it three games in succession with a Hog batter having a 4 hit night. Doing it two games back to back in a CWS might be a first for us.

It was like watching the movie Ground HOG Day . . . Martin got up, got a hit, and scored . . . got up, got a hit, and scored . . . wash, rinse, repeat . . .


I haven’t really followed the Hog baseball team like I do MLB, but I did go to the Regional and Super Regional championship games. I did not realize what a great young player Casey Martin is. The more you see him, the more you think…this boy is going to be a major leaguer. I didn’t realize how fast he was until I saw him beat out that infield chopper last night. He must be around 4.5 in the 40. He can fly. He’s not a big dude, but he has a lot of pop in his swing. You give him a couple of years and let him pump a little iron and gain around 15-20 lbs of muscle, and he is going to be a very high draft pick. He is a 5 tool player…he can hit and hit with power, he can run, he can throw and he can field his position.

I have a question for all you guys who really follow the Hog baseball team every game. Is Casey going to stay at 3rd or do you see him moving to another position? He is an excellent 3rd basemen, but what position did he play in high school. He looks like a shortstop, he is so athletic. I am just curious.

It’s been widely reported that DVH intends to move him to second to replace Shaddy next year. Of course, you never know, with newcomers to the program, etc. But that’s the apparent plan.

Do you think he will go to 2nd to enhance his chances of playing in the big leagues? The 2nd baseman is usually the guy with less range, less arm and less of a hitter than the team’s 3rd baseman or shortstop. Martin can do it all. He would be an athletic 2nd baseman with a good stick, for sure. Not as athletic as Javier Baez of the Cubs who is a freak, but a very athletic player, nonetheless.

As for Carson Shaddy, this guy really has been great for us coming back. He must be a really good guy to come back and have the kind of year he’s having. He is a very fine player who could play in the bigs if he gets a break or two. That home run Shaddy hit against South Carolina in his final game at Baum was something he’ll never forget.

Martin could play anywhere. Including pitching. Somebody said he throws in the mid-90s. Speed, arm, bat, already hits with power… I’m glad we get two more years before he gets a huge MLB bonus

Martin is one of the best players I have seen come through Arkansas’ program. He can be a first-round pick in 2020 because he has all five tools.

I’ll be interested to see how Arkansas uses him next year. He grew up playing middle infield and went to third this year out of necessity, but he has made some great defensive plays over the past month. Third base is the hardest position to play in the infield. The coaching staff may not want to move a player who has been so good there.