Casey Martin is on deck

and, hopefully, will be drafted soon. I remember reading he was the number one prospect in college baseball after his freshman year by one publication or website.

He may have a large chip on his shoulder after seeing a lot of guys being drafted before him that are not as good a player as he is.

Being a Razorback fan, I hope he uses this as motivation to become a really good major league player. He probably doesn’t need any of this, but he would not be human if he didn’t feel a little anger about this draft. I know I would.

I wonder if Casey drops significantly if there is a chance he might come back to have a great year and move up into next year’s first round? Probably between slim and none but stranger things have happened. He might make far more money overall, giving up the money this year, and returning to the Hogs if he can gain millions more with a much better draft position next year. If he gets really mad, who knows? Sometimes, these things can go into a death spiral with fear that his lowered drafting position might make him less likely to sign, thus lowering it even more.

I don’t see any scenario in which Martin comes back for another year. Sure, he could improve his draft stock, but he could also hurt it with another season struggling at the plate and/or in the field.

I think he’ll probably get taken within the first 50 or so picks today.

You are probably right but something tells me Heston’s surprisingly high draft position versus an unexpectedly low draft position for Casey might make him mad enough to make him want to prove his value in the next draft, particularly if he thinks he can make more money in the long run that way.

If Casey isn’t drafted at all he might come back. That’s about the only way I could see it. The offers for UFAs this year are going to be peanuts ($20,000 bonus). Same applies for Opitz by the way.

I can see him expecting a little better than that and, in his mind, thinking he will only sign for the slot value at that, whatever, number pick. If it goes significantly past that figure he has in his mind, the more likely he is to come back. Probably just wishful thinking on my part with no chance of coming true.

There are scheduled to be 123 picks tonight to get to the total of 160 picks. The slot value for pick #160 is $324,100. Player #161 is gonna get $20,000. Big difference.

Given those numbers, I think he’ll sign if he’s picked tonight. Same with Opitz.

Well CM was the 87th pick of the Phillies. It will be interesting to see what happens I just don’t believe that there are 86 better players than Casey Martin.

Casey has the tools but if he doesn’t stop swinging at pitches out of the zone, he could also be out of a job very quickly. All kinds of high draft picks wash out quickly.

No one expects Casey to return. I sure don’t. Yes, he would still have leverage again.

I think Casey was on verge of getting his swing going with some tweaks were made after the trip to Houston.

The season ending cost him millions.

But I expect he will sign.

Yeah Martin will sign. $700K ain’t shabby, but if he’d been draft eligible two years ago he’d have gone a lot higher.

Kyle Peterson just turned into Opitz’s agent, says somebody needs to draft him quick. There are 47 picks left as I type this and Opitz is still out there. He could go undrafted, and in that case I think he comes back.

Matt said Martin would go in the first 50 picks tonight. Number 87 was – you guessed it – the 50th pick tonight.

I think he’s a steal at #87. He’s really a five tool guy. He was better as a frosh, which means he can get back there and more.

Aloha Jeff,

Agree 100%. If he signs, I seriously doubt he will ever reach the “Show”. Too many holes in his game. He needs to return to college and work hard in correcting his faults including his mental approach. While doing so he can advance on his college degree which I think in the long run will take him further than his baseball career.


I think Matt meant the 50 overall picks. Early in second round minimum.

He’ll probably sign because coming back does have an upside but also a large downside. Retaining the classification of a junior is good, but it doesn’t negate the players being a year older and not good for a future draft if Martin’s bad batting habits don’t improve. A golfing buddy has a son that played in the Boston organization for several years and age vs. development potential is big in the eyes of scouts. There comes a point of not being able to shake bad habits basically is his understanding.

I actually meant the first 50 picks Thursday. I would not have been surprised if he was a top-50 overall pick, but I thought there was a chance he could fall to the third round like he did.

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