Casey Martin is going to be a Stud!

this kid has as good a stroke as anybody on this team…this team is loaded!!

His talent jumps off the screen. I thought he must be great for DVH to predict he will be All SEC eventually.

Another benintendi??


Another benintendi??

[/quote]That would be Fletcher … or Kjerstad.

It is fun to see the present and the future with this team. The freshmen and sophomores are just outstanding.
You look at this roster and to me it puts to rest the idea that you can’t recruit to Fayetteville, Arkansas or that the Hogs can’t recruit in Texas. There is outstanding Texas talent on this team and top players from all over the country. If you put together an exciting program with quality coaches and facilities and players and top coaches will want to come. And CDVH recruits with one hand tied behind his back since he can’t offer full scholarships.
Coach Van Horn is doing an outstanding job and is worth every penny he is paid.

I think Martin has a chance to be one of the better all-around infielders Van Horn has had here at Arkansas. A lot of infielders seem to be quite a bit better in one area over the other. For instance, Zack Cox’s offense was well ahead of his defense, while Bobby Wernes was the other way before his bat began to come around near the end of his junior year. There are a lot of other examples like that.

I think Martin is equally good at the plate and in the field. He runs the bases pretty well, too. Those who saw him in high school have been telling me about him for a while. He was the newspaper’s state player of the year at Lonoke, but he was still kind of under the radar.

This freshman class is extremely deep with both position players and top arms. The toughest job on the team this season may by be DVH’s allocation of playing time.

Casey did’t get as much fan fare as a couple of the other recruits but he also could have gone high in the draft if he let it be known he would sign.

What I saw in the fall was incredible bat speed. You do not want to try to get a fast ball by him. It’s going to leave the yard. He’ll get a steady diet of off speed pitches and if he learns to handle those, he will be an All-American. He’s got all of the tools, too. He can really run. I think everyone in the starting lineup knows not to get in a slump because Martin will take your spot. It could be in the outfield, too. He can play anywhere because of the arm and speed.

It’s going to be interesting how DVH will get him on the field.

Most other coaches envy DVH when he has Casey Martin sitting on the bench and they wonder then who the heck is playing ahead of him. Hopefully this team will be as good as everybody says and we end up in Omaha. I just want us to win regional and super at Baum anything beyond that is icing on the cake. This Should be DVH best team we shall see! :smiley:

it would be real hard for me not to start him at 3B,bat is just too good!!

I think that very well could be what happens with Casey. He’s also a solid infielder. Not sure he’s as polished as Jack Kenley. But he probably will hit better than Kenley.