Casey Marin

He has just hit his 3rd homer of the tournament. Could he win the MVP honor if he stays hot!
That was a no doubter. The only thing he may need to do is not show up the pitcher.
He needed to run on down the line. I hope Shaddy and Bonfield will talk to him about that.

That type of flip and gaze has started a few brawls in MLB. Baseball etiquette is unlike any other sport. I’ve always laughed at (most) MLB brawls which are typically pushing contests. A few blows but usually not many.

I loved the flip and watch. If they don’t like it, then don’t give him the opportunity.

Just call him Cheech as he really can smoke it.

Many moons ago for sure. Hitters get by with a lot more hot-dogging these days than they used to. My favorite "home-run-nonchalant-flip-of-the-bat…Tom Lawless, StL Cards in game 4 of '87 WS.

Martin will probably get a shot in the Bigs one day, he might want to see what happens in the majors acting the same way… I liked what he did because it was against the arrogant Gators, but better not make it a habit at the next level or he will be kissing the ear hole in his helmet while he lays in the dirt.