Casey at the Glove

Casey’s bat is wonderful. And, I love his enthusiasm. But, his glove, at least at SS, is really hurting. Not only does he lead the SEC in errors, from the last two games it appears that he’s running away with this title.

He’s better at Third. He might be better at second, but he’s not a good SS, not even with the athleticism. I guess he can get better, but this shortcoming has got to be impacting how the pundits view his potential.

I’d switch him with Kenley, but then it’s been fifteen years since I coached little leaguers.

Martin led the team in errors and fielded .907 last season at third base. I don’t think he’s worse at shortstop than he was at third base, I just think he’s had more opportunities to commit errors this year. His fielding percentage is essentially the same.

His issue at shortstop seems to be his inability to consistently set his feet, which causes his throws to sail. That was happening a lot at third last year, too, even late in the season. I think he committed four or five errors in the NCAA Tournament.

I thought it was interesting to hear the announcers on the game broadcast today say that his future might be in the outfield. With his speed and arm strength, he might be really good there.

Yeah Matt he may play his way out to the outfield unless he gets a lot better.

He’s a hell of a player, but he does make a bunch of errors. Seems like they’re more throwing errors than fielding errors. I know he’s booted a couple & had one go under his glove last weekend, but it just seems like mostly his mistakes are when he throws.

Agree. He can get to balls that many can’t, but he needs to mentally focus on getting in position to make a good throw. He can do it. He is a great talent.

That’s it, he gets to hard hit balls most others can’t then he rushes his throws without planting his feet because his arm strength is so good he could just sit on his butt and zip it to first, or well into the stands.
Just needs to slow it down after the catch plant and throw. He can make just as much money in the outfield as the infield at the next level though.

He short armed the throw today. He just needs to let it fly and follow through!
At the plate he needs to cut down the K’s.

I use to tell my LL guys that a throw in the stands does us no good. catch the ball first, then make a good throw. If the guy beats it, so be it, but he is on that base. A bad throw and all sorts of bad things happen. It is a gift. I am sure he knows that and is coached that, but sometimes I think a guys talent gets in the way of making smart plays.

There is a reason teams have a 6’4" first baseman.

It often goes unnoticed that infielders are frequently bailed out on throws to their first baseman.

Put a 5’10" first baseman on Vandy, Ole Miss or ?? and see how many extra errors would have

Excellent point. I never thought about it.

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His long term future is in the outfield, could be, I expect he will get his chance at SS next year.

I’ll be interested to see how he looks at shortstop after another offseason of working with Dave Van Horn. His expertise is coaching middle infield. He turned Carson Shaddy into an All-SEC second baseman. I bet he and Casey will go over a lot of fine points from this season, and Casey will be better next year.

Agreed on the tall first basemen.
Also why the first baseman mitt is designed the way it is. Adds about another 6” of reach and just swallows the ball.

To be a major league starting shortstop, you must be a tremendous defender. There are great defensive shortstops on most every team who have great range, tremendous agility, great arms and make all the plays, including the routine play.

Casey may have the ability, but if he does’t clean up his play on defense…he won’t be a starting shortstop in MLB. He can hit, and he can run, and if he can hit major league pitching, they will find a place for him. He certainly could be a second baseman or an outfielder if he can’t cut it at shortstop.

As noted before, Casey can get to balls that most other SS wouldn’t touch. I bet DVH gets him straightened out.

I don’t think anyone disagrees with that, Marty. In fact, several have so stated in this very thread.

However, every routine ball he boots negates one of those sportscenter highlight plays. We were all wailing last year, and he only had 12 errors (still too many); but he has 21 and counting this season. And the maddening thing is that at least half of them are what you’d call totally unforced; that is to say, plays where he had plenty of time and were not tough plays.

I loves me some CM, and I hope he does cut down the errors at SS. If he can, he’s got the tools to be a very good one. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him in the outfield in pro ball, as I posted several weeks ago.

Not yet.

Three errors in one inning (all on different plays) today. Fortunately, Cent Conn is not a top 60 team.

The second throw, albeit low, was an error on Ezell. And they changed the official score to that effect after the inning. That one was a tough play because Martin was moving forward and had little time to throw. I believe the call of safe was upheld because the throw hit Ezell’s mitt with such force that it turned it down, almost appearing that the ball was pinned to the ground. Had the ball not been bobbled when Ezell lifted, I think he’s called out.

First throw was high, but likely played by Gates last year. Second error was simply a brain fart. Have to field it before you can throw it.

While Ezell should have made the play cleanly, it was the bad throw from Casey that was the root cause of the error, IMO. We were fortunate we were playing a 4th seed or who knows what that inning may have become?