Casey at the bat

200 against EIU?

Argh…slow start for the Lonoke flash.

If you had actually watched the series you would know they intentionally walked him three times. But never let anything get in the way or your negativity.

He hit a lot of hard shots this weekend, some that found a glove, some that found foul territory - including one that was home run distance - and some that fell safely.

He also reached by HPB (pegged in the head).

He was on base a lot this weekend.

Casey is coming back from hand surgery in late fall. He will be fine. I think he will hit his stride in next couple of weeks. He hit 3 that were home run distance. It foul. Just a little off in timing.

Heston has a slow start last season and we all know how that turned out. Like you mentioned the surgery keep Casey Martin away from taking his swings for a prolonged length of time!
He actually had some good AB’s despite the INT walks. I thought he hit the ball pretty hard and had some tough luck but he can hit!
Baseball season for a player or a team isn’t defined in a 3 game series!
With the lineup the hogs have this season there’s plenty of pop throughout the order. EIU paid for putting Casey on Nesbit took care of business.
I was happy for the way all of players at the plate and in the field.
By I’m glad it’s baseball season! WPS!

Yesterday when Casey was hit in the head by the EI pitcher my mind reflected back to last year when one of our pitchers hit a UCLA guy in the head. Which was obviously an accident. The ump threw out our guy out of the game. Yesterday the ump did the right thing by not throwing the EI guy out because it was obviously an accident.

Umps have tough jobs but the dude last year was wrong. Not that I hold a grudge. I think it was the UCLA game in LA.

It was Jacob Burton against Louisiana Tech in Fayetteville. I remember that because part of what made Dave Van Horn so upset with the ejection was the fact that Louisiana Tech is coached by Lane Burrough, who used to be one of Van Horn’s assistant coaches. Neither of those coaches are going to have their pitchers throw at anyone’s head, let alone against a friend’s team.

Martin is batting .300 after the weekend, not .200.

I also think there is something to be said for the importance of batting average vs. on-base percentage. Martin’s OBP was .500 for the weekend.

I liked how Casey looked at the plate. He was patient for the most part. They definitely pitched around him. EIU pitched to Kjerstad and pitched around Martin. I guess they picked the wrong poison.

Thanks Matt! How I thought it was UCLA is beyond me.

Much better, of course only 10 official at bats. Thanks

Maybe it’s just me but I thought Casey’s stance at the plate looked just a touch less dead pull oriented.

I thought he made that change late last year.

I thought Martin’s at-bats got stronger through the weekend. After EIU walked him intentionally in game 2, he got mad. He seemed to really bear down.

I’m going to have to go back through the box scores. My software has Casey at .200, I must have mis-scored something.

I found it. In his first at bat of the game, it was initially scored as a fielder’s choice and that is how I have it recorded. Once that was changed to a hit, his average is bumped up to .300.

The weird part is, I had to guess because the box score for game 3 does not have the batter results.

Martin is now listed as 2 for 4 Sunday on the box score at the website, Marty. And they finally got the season stats up, which weren’t started as of Sunday afternoon.

Yeah, that is how I figured out what changed. I sent an email to Michael Minshew who is listed as Assistant Communications Director for Sport(s): Football, Baseball; asking that they provide batter-by-batter details as they did for game 1. Games 2 and 3 only had the top box score. I get a little tired of having to ask for that every year.

You’re correct, the live stats listed him at .200…

The live stats are never accurate. It’s a problem with the software. They have updated batting average listed in each box score after the game and it isn’t hardly ever right.

I got a reply from Michael. The play-by-play was updated (without pitching) and I guessed wrong. The play in the first inning WAS a fielder’s choice, as it should have been. The difference was that in the 4th, Martin originally reached first on an error. That was changed to a hit.