Updated: Dylan Carter will require Tommy John surgery.

Arm injuries are mounting, drops in velocity of most pitchers on staff, maybe our in season weights aren’t beneficial in season. Interested to see if trainer/strength coach is retained.

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Yep I already knew that was going to be the case. This team has been snake bit all year long. Nothing you can do about it, just a shame this team never got to really show who they really could have been. Just do the best you can boys that’s all anybody can expect.

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Yep, I’m hearing TJ surgery is coming.

Prayers for Carter and family. It’s tough on these kids to go through this stuff.


We have had so many arm injuries the last few years I think we have to start looking at how we’re training …

This may be happening all over the country but there has to be something done to where we can start taking the pressure off these arms. I don’t think pitchers drop and drive and use their legs near as much as they used to. Strider from the Braves does an excellent job of this and throws 99-100… I remember Tom Seaver used to drop and drive and use his legs to take pressure off his arm. The more we can use our legs the longer the arm will last…JMO

If I were Dave I would be looking into how we’re training because we cannot continue to lose our best arms every year.

I think Strider will get hurt eventually. Modern pitching is not if you’ll get hurt, it’s when, and how often. Better mechanics such as drop and drive help, but the human arm is not built to throw 100 mph bullets indefinitely. You see photos of MLB pitchers in mid-delivery with their arms severely contorted and you wonder how their elbows last as long as they do. Something like this:


Strider will be a very interesting case study to watch on this because he has a very in-depth training regimen which includes a lot of stretching and obviously he’s done some leg work because his quads are Earl Campbell size. I think he’s 6 ft tall but they said he strides out 7 ft by the time he delivers the ball…

Tom Seaver pitched 20 years and did not have any arm issues until 1980 which was 13 years into his career and only lasted a month with some shoulder stiffness. He did an incredible job of dropping and driving and he threw about 97

I do agree the velocity that these kids are doing nowadays does put a lot of torque on the arm but if I were a coach today I would be looking into a lot of different ways to use the legs and stretch the arm to at least say I’ve done everything we could do.

I’m sure we are doing a great job of it but I think it might be worth a look in to see if there might be ways we can limit these injuries.

Is it possible that the pitch clock has a role in some of the injuries this year? Pitchers can’t take as much time to “rest” between pitches this year. I know I’m not the first one to wonder this.

Also, do our pitchers use a pitch clock in their bullpen sessions?


Well it’s been happening for years so I don’t really think that is the cause of all of it… I think it has to be a lot about velocity but when you’ve had as many as we have I would have to be looking to see if we could tweak some things in our training

Spoken like a true Carter!! I love this kid and hope he can come back even stronger… I think he can be a starter if he does

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There are many people here who know much more about baseball than I do. One of the things I’ve seen though is not as much long ball. This is a general statement. Maybe our guys do. Nolan Ryan emphasized his long ball workouts as well as his weight training. He would routinely work out after pitching a game.

I agree and I know when Leo Mazzone was Pitching coach for the Braves he made his guys throw more than normal in between starts and Glavine and them disagreed to begin with but eventually realized that it made their arms stronger and out of all them Smoltz was the only one to get arm problems.Nolan Ryan,Bob Gipson would throw complete games and never had arm problems so that is something that needs to be looked into.

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Maybe the toughest part of this for Dylan Carter is the timing. It’s hard to imagine he will be able to pitch next season.

Would Dylan have any eligibility left after next season? Just wondering if we’ve seen the last of him as a Hog.

Noticed that Bryce Harper was cleared to return after he had TJ surgery in November. He’s not able to throw yet but he can hit and DH. But you’re right, pitching is probably looking at 2025, or at least the fall of 2024.

Assuming a medical hardship in 2024, I think he would at least two years left beginning in 2025. He gets the bonus year because he was at Crowder in 2020.

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I wonder if it’s not the emphasis on spin rate rather than sheer velocity

That spin has to be coming from some serious torque of the arm


that’s a good point