Carson Shaddy tweeted a bit ago

that today is his last day to don the Hog uniform. He promised to play with intensity & effort. Said it’s not about feeling sorry for ourselves but overcoming adversity.

I’d post a link, but I don’t have a twitter account. Someone posted it on my facebook page. I’m sure someone else can link it.

Either way, it makes me feel better. I know that saying the words doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what the kids are feeling or that they can live up to it, but I still liked reading them, especially from one of my favorite players on this team. (I almost feel guilty about calling him a favorite, but the kid walked on & came because he really wanted to be a Razorback. And he’s a senior.)

Yes there will be a lot of guys playing their last game tonight on both sides. I have no doubt we will leave everything have out on that field.

Carson Shaddy represents the hogs uniform with pride and dignity. He will always be a hog. When a young man walks on and becomes a 2 year man starter and a leader on the team it shows what hard work and determination can get you. I proud of him and it’s been an honor and privilege watching him suit up .
I know he will leave it on the field tonight just like all of his teammates.

With a few good breaks, we can still win NC

It’s worth signing up for Twitter to have access to stuff like this. Nobody says you ever have to tweet, but you can read and follow accounts you like (@RazorbackBSB for instance).

Shaddy is a gamer.

Shaddy is one of the emotional leaders on this team. Excitement
oozes from his pores. All HOG. He will be remembered and missed.