Carolina crowd noise

Those Carolina students were LOUD last night. Plus it seems they had turned up the crowd noise during the game. I have to give those kids props for rooting for their team.

They were loud, but Bob Moore was louder. BOOM!!! :smiley:

This is some incredible video work:


According to Aaron Fitt of D1 Baseball, the crowd was heckling Moore with chants of “oompa loompa (clap-clap, clap-clap-clap)” when the count was 0-2 in the 7th. Moore obviously had the last laugh.


Can someone enlighten me on the meaning of “Oompa Loompa?”

It’s meant to be an insult at his height. Oompa Loompas were characters in the Willy Wonka movie.

It’s a derogatory slang used against dwarfism.

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Oh OK I didn’t know what that meant, he shut em up🙂

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He has a lot of pop in that bat for a small guy. I wondered why he was flipping the bat…that is not a good look, but if he was getting taunted, then flip that bat, baby.

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In the postgame zoom presser, DVH seemed to enjoy the fact the Moore got the last laugh. Of course, Coach probably was heckled similarly back in the day, so he might have enjoyed that moment a little extra.

“Oompa loompa that, @#&_@!”

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The social media team has been doing a fantastic job, especially with their strategic use of slow-mo in their videos. I really enjoy their work.

Loved the last second of that video. Says it all.

Absolutely a beautiful moment when he hit that mammoth bomb to shut their @$$#$ up!

I love the swagger on the road! Hope it continues!

If my count is correct, Hogs have 7 more home games this season.

Wish that we could open Baum to full capacity in support of this team & so fans can loudly show their appreciation to these players & coaches for a great season.

I didn’t know what oompa loompa meant, either. Either way, I thought they were obnoxious & I loved it when Moore shut them up. Hope he does it again today. I get really annoyed at fans & players who are obnoxious–when they’re on the other side.

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Well, we won’t, and HY has said it would increase some more, but didn’t indicate by how much.

I hadn’t thought about Willy Wonka for decades. Never saw either movie but I read Roald Dahl’s 1964 book (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) when I was a kid. I don’t think I could have told you that the Oompa Loompas were Wonka’s short employees. So I give the Poultry students credit for remembering a 40- or 16-year-old film and/or a 57-year-old book.