Career guidance for UA athletes post athletic career

Is there any mechanism in place at UA Athletics to help and assist the athletes (all sports, men and women) transition from post athletic competition to the real world? For example, mentoring and guidance for their first job/new career after college athletics?
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Agents maybe?? :smiley:

I don’t know of any through Athletic Dept but may be. A lot of that is done informally. For me , that came from several of the Professors in our department. They were contacted by companies and then put you in touch. My first job came by walking into Dr. Jones’ office and asking if he could help with a job. The next day I was in NC interviewing and left with an offer. Two days later the same thing in DE. I had a great job within a week and never looked back. It all happened due to my relationships with my profs at the UofA. I imagine it works a lot the same in all Departments, but the student must take the first step and remember, they are on a job interview from the moment they step on campus.

One of the most rewarding part of my career has been helping young people make that first step. There have been many. I hope they are now doing the same for other young people coming along.

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That is marvelous. Paying it forward. Gratitude makes your life richer. It’s easy to see why you and Clay are good friends. Be well, my Hog friend.

Bumping for more insight. Hopefully our journalists now something or we have a few lettermen and coaches on the Board who can enlighten us. If not, recommend for the UA Athletic Department to seriously consider establishing a program to help and assist their athletes transition from their collegiate career to the real world. Not only is it appropriate and the right thing to do, it would be an excellent recruiting tool. Very few athletes successfully make it professionally. The vast majority bust their butts representing the UA and the State and need help at the end of their playing career. Mind you, not all of the athletes have full scholarships.
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Great idea, Guy. I would suggest, however, the UA begin your process much sooner. Freshman athletes today are professionals and some need a lot of help to maximize their opportunities on and off the field. I wouldn’t wait until they graduate to help them transition to a successful professional life. Begin the transition after HS.

If their goal is to one day get a degree and a good job, or make money via NIL, or become a professional athlete, they will be judged on basic life skills such as appearance, behavior, public speaking, use of social media, academics, etc. They need to hear that early and often. Some will need more help than others.

Would like to see successful former Razorbacks, such as Bobby Portis, DMc, Quin Grovey, the Triplets, Dr Counce, Clint Stoener, Dr Fitz Hill, David Bazzel, etc., talk to the freshman class and encourage them to be disciplined in everything they do. Building a good resume begins on day 1.

Regardless of their economic, social, and family backgrounds in HS, they can succeed in life…but get them started now, not later.


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H.O.G.S. Life after football comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s the NFL, but for most, the ability to enter different careers is crucial.

Razorback Football hosted their second annual H.O.G.S. (Helping our Guys Succeed) Walk Symposium this week. Designed to connect players with resources and employers on all levels, H.O.G.S. Walk helps players ensure the best for their personal brand and future. And with NIL at the forefront of college athletics, over 30 companies were represented at this year’s program.

Watch head coach Sam Pittman and others speak on the importance of representing Arkansas on and off the field.


The above was from the Razorback Brew daily newsletter sent out earlier this week…. GO HOGS!

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This is a very good step for the guys. It needs to continue throughout there time on The Hill. I have spent years and years calling on various Universities and conducting research with them and the students. I cannot say it strong enough that students are interviewing (not formally) constantly by how they act and interact. Those of us that represent companies, are constantly watching.

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Aloha and mahalo for the reply,
Is HOGS strictly for the football athletes? Is there anything for the other sports? Both men and women?
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Glad to hear about HOGS. I have a buddy, big time Bama supporter. He & other former and current industry executives work with players, football are the only ones I know about. I know he is assigned 2-3 players and he works one-on-one with them to discuss post-college employment, interviewing, resume development, tips for finding jobs and doing their best on the job–mentoring so to speak. They also provide group instruction with guest speakers, but he hasn’t talked to me much about that. He goes to Tuscaloosa several times a year to meet with his assigned players.

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