Care is there

I think the thing I have noticed more than anything the past two weeks is that the players look like they care. There were a lot of long, dejected faces on the sideline after the game today.

When you care, you typically get better. I think we’ve seen that the past couple of weeks.

Totally agree Matt. These players are fighting.

Agree. They need to start having some success on offense. That is the frustrating thing. I didn’t think that would be a problem.

Perhaps that Col State loss followed by that trick punt return took a lot out of them in the NT game. We should have won the CSU game. The way we played against NT, there’s no way we should have won it, but I have an idea if we’d played against NT the way we played today, or even the way we played against Auburn, we’d have won it, too. It’d sure be nice to be at 3-2 right now instead of 1-4. If we were, we’d still be thinking about getting a bowl. That’s pretty much out of the question now. I don’t see picking up 5 wins the rest of the way, if the team continues to play with heart, I can see getting 3 more wins, 4 if we’re lucky.