Cards get swept by the Cubs this weekend...

Both teams looked good…both teams should contend with the Dodgers for the National League Championship. It was my first time to watch the Cardinals this year. They are improved…and have closed the gap on the Cubs with the addition of Paul Goldschmidt. The new manager is an upgrade over Mike Metheney. This should be a heckuva battle for the Central.

The Cardinals have some pop in those bats for the first time in several years. The outfield defense is shaky with Ozuna and Martinez. Fowler is an average center fielder. The infield defense is very strong, however. The Cardinals are better defensively, which they had to be to contend.

The Cubs are deep, but they have their issues, too. Oddly, the Cubs didn’t try to improve this past winter by signing any stud free agents. After signing Jason Heyward and the right-handed Japanese dude, Theo Epstein may have been told to stop. Both have been poor investments, so far. I suspect they are holding cash to give Bryant, Baez, Contreras and Rizzo extensions.

Alex Rodriguez of ESPN, who I think is really good at his analyst job, said he is bullish on the Cardinals despite getting swept. I agree. The Cubs and the Cards are going to do battle this year. Both teams are good.