CARDS are 1 HOT Baseball team

UP on the Brewers again, 7-0

I think they gonna get themselves into the playoffs.

Right now looking at a 1 game showdown w the Dodgers, just like the old days.
Whatta you think Dudley?

A few of us were following the score while we were at the Catfish Hole for the Sam Pittman Live radio show.

Streak is ove, but, but , wait, Cards score 7 in final 3 to win 8-5!
Brewers Broomed! 11 in a row.

That is 12 in row I believe. I, like you, thought the streak was over when it was 5-0. Looked up again and it was tied. Looked up again and the Cards were ahead! Looked up again and they won by 3!


Yup-----> 12 in a row :sunglasses:

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