Cards and Albert

they’ve only won 9 straight on the road and 14-16 overall. Yeah, I’m trying like hell to jinx 'em for my Cards. :sunglasses:

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yeah the Braves have played exceptionally well,the 2 rookies have made a huge difference and pitching has been elite,but braves need to win tonight bc Cards have the advantage the next 2 games,now if Morton is on for Atl tomorrow he is absolutely filthy with that Breaking ball but sometimes he can’t locate it.

Interesting to think that the Cards have the advantage when the second highest NL player in fWAR is out on paternity leave.

Definitely hurts the Cardinals for sure but the way Montgomery has been throwing the ball compared to Morton’s inconsistency and St Louis playing at home is an advantage for the Cardinals. Will be an interesting matchup for sure to see if Montgomery can shut down this Braves lineup which has done very well against left-handers.

Braves-------> WHITE HOT.

Smaller line today, but still favored. Last 10 have outscored OPP 63-30.

Well Acuna is not in the lineup for the Braves tonight if that makes you feel better.

Wow what an absolute choke job by Jansen not the first time he’s done that and almost done that several times.Snitker better figure out that Iglesias is the closer… that puts the Braves 3 back and have to send out by far the weakest starter on the staff tomorrow night against Wainwright that’s not a good recipe for victory. Better swing the bats boys LOL

The Braves really outplayed the Cards until the end of the game. I was glad to finally see a game (other than replay).


I didn’t get to see any of it but was listening to the meltdown at the end.Glad i wasn’t able to see it bc it would have been tough to watch…I know jansen has quite a few saves but if your a Braves fan he always make you sweat it out,very rarely has a clean inning and 1 run lead is nowhere near a gimme with him

Albert hits # 694 in Cincinnati.


So that’s five weeks/33 games to hit three more to pass A-Rod and six more to get to 700. Six homers is a pretty good month for almost anyone, much less a 42 year old. But he might just get there.

I think he will pass A Rod seems to be getting the ball up in the air pretty regularly now.

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I believe that is 695 today, so 1 behind A-Rod, 5 to the milestone.

Braves 1 behind Mets, doing the typical METS fade. Slightly easier schedule for Mets yes,
but if their bats shut down it won’t matter.


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