Cards and Albert

The Cards and Albert are red hot right now. Cards went from no chance to get to the playoffs, to potential World Series condensers. Albert is on a torrid pace. Got a real chance at 700 home runs. Rooting for both.


when did they have no chance of making the playoffs?


I’m really enjoying watching what I can of the Cardinals. I have their game on in the background right now.

The Pujols watch feels a lot like the home run chase in 1998 with McGwire and Sosa. I want to tune in for every Pujols AB.


I have thought Cards would be in playoffs for quite some time.

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Going to be a great series when the Braves come in this weekend.2 red hot teams.

Was referring to the beginning of the season. Sure, some had the Cards possibly getting a wildcard. Some local radio guys guys said the Cards made a mistake signing Albert for one more season. Said it was just for publicity and ticket sales. Said it was a waste of money. Don’t here too much from them now on both.

It feels so much better than that Matt. Cause the only thing Albert is cheating, is Father Time.

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Gonna be even better when they head back to Atlanta with they tails twixt they legs Billy. LOL!

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Both teams are playing at a high level for sure… I was in Atlanta this weekend watching them play the Astros. I think with the Dodgers losing two of their pitchers the National league is wide open this year. You can make a case for the Dodgers Mets Braves and Cardinals.

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The Dodgers are an awesome team, but without Walker Bueller, they are still the best team in MLB, but not by much.

The Dodgers are very good no doubt but the Mets Cardinals and Braves rotations are all very good and capable of holding them down enough for their offenses to possibly beat them. I think it’s really wide open those are 4 very good teams.
The two new rotation pieces for the Cardinals have really changed their team and the two rookie phenoms that the Braves have brought up have really changed their lineup as well as Strider the rookie pitcher. The Mets will always be a handful with their dynamic duo of DeGrom and Scherzer

I just saw the pitching matchups for the series with the Cardinals. Advantage Cardinals because they will miss Braves 1-2 starters,Freid and Wright. So you may be right in your prediction my friend LOL

Well you never know. Looking at yesterday’s DH pitching matchup with the Cubs, game one with Wainright vs. a kid making his MLB debut, sure looked a lot better than game two, which was a bullpen start for the Cards. And what happens? Shutout in the opener and a 10 run win in the nightcap!

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That’s exactly right. I always hate when you’re facing a guy making their debut because they have no clue what he throws… well the Braves could come back with their Ace on Sunday night because he will be on 4 days rest but he’s not scheduled but I hope they bump odorizzi since it’s the Sunday night game against Wainwright.

Well, the Braves are a huge favorite tonight considering the game is in Busch. Cards have been playing well and have increased their lead to 6, but the Braves have been at another level since the break.

I find that hard to believe, Strider has been throwing the ball incredibly well but the Braves better win this one because they will be at a big pitching disadvantage in the last two games, especially Sunday.
Saturday’s matchup will be an interesting game because Montgomery is throwing the ball insanely well but the Braves have absolutely pounded left-handed pitching.

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If your watching the game on MLBN, they posted the line, Braves were almost 2-1, (-171).
They’ve won something like 10 outa 12 at Busch, 20 outa 25 overall vs Cards, something like that. They own Quintana too and like you said, they destroy LH pitching. Now all good things do come to an end, we’ll see what happens tonight. :sunglasses:

no I can’t see it, the stupid Bally channel is not working tonight, so I’m listening,Well Quintana is throwing Great tonight,should be ahead so we will see,the Braves are a team that seems to erupt out of nowhere in most games.

It’s blacked out on the Hill. :angry:

Figures…on the west coast and we can’t watch any Dodger games, unless its network. MLB does a poor job of marketing, all about the money.