Cards 10-0 after 1/2 Inning

The team did OWE Flaherty some run support Big Time :rofl:

I think if I was Shildt I wouldn’t even pitch him 5…start him Saturday.

13-0 top 3rd. Unbelievable!

I like the decision to keep him in.

Baseball is crazy sometime.

He can just pitch in game 3 if my Cards go ahead and this one out.

Yeah, he pitches twice either way most likely…great pitching match up in the nightcap, er, I think, maybe :sunglasses:

Boy, I hate to see that. I was pulling for the Braves. Oh well on to the NLCS.

Typical Braves choke…incredible how we can never play our best baseball in the playoffs…all mental now IMO.But good luck agianst the Nationals.

Braves gave up the ghost but at least they don’t have to live with the massive choke job LA’s Kershaw once again performed in the playoffs!