Cardinals take Masyn Winn

54th pick, second round. Will they offer enough to keep him out of DVH’s lineup? Probably. Slot value for #54 is $1.338 million.

And Tink Hence at #63. Cards are draining our class. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Slot value $1.076 million.

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I already hated the Cardinals, hopefully they cheap out this draft but those two are probably gone

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David Calabrese to the Angels at #82; $744,000.

Bryce Bonnin went to the Reds at #84 by the way.

Casey Martin to Philly at #87 ($689,300).

FWIW Phil Elson is speculating that the Cards will have to go over slot value to sign Winn. We shall see.

We may not even get a kiss goodbye.