Cardinal games - YouTube TV?

Are we out of luck for Cardinal games on YouTube TV? I have Cox for internet only so no luck there.


Not sure, but likely unless they are paying for DirecTV or

That’s from Dudley

It is on DirecTV channel 646-5.

I’m SOL also. I switched from Hulu to YouTube. Then YouTube TV dropped the Fox Sports Regional networks. does not work, because the Cards, Royals, and Astros (really?) are blacked out. I don’t want to go back to Hulu, but I may be forced to do that.

I do miss the Royals games that I got when I had DirecTV.

Tonight I listened to the Royals at Cleveland on the MLB app, through a blue tooth speaker.

No luck with - blacked out. I may have to bite the bullet and get Hulu for 3 months. Ugh.

In the Fort Smith area the Cards are on 2081 Cox

I know. I don’t want to give up PBS to return to Hulu, but I’m seriously thinking about it.

Does anyone know of any other ways to stream “local” MLB teams?

The issue is with streaming. Those of us who cut the cord want to watch too. I don’t want Cox, nor DirecTV.

OK, I am stupid. I clicked on the link, but don’t understand what, if anything, that is telling me.

I am like others, have been using YoutubeTV, really like it, but am really frustrated that it doesn’t have the Cards anymore. I am thinking about switching to Hulu because of it. But in reading about Hulu, it appears their DVR is not nearly as good as YouTube’s. I am spoiled by the unlimited DVR. I don’t watch PBS, but I do watch AMC, which Hulu doesn’t have. If I could pay for a steaming service of just the Card’s (within reason) I would. This is frustrating.

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So I sign up today for Hulu, free trial, just to see if I would like it, and I realize that two important features I have with YouTubeTV will not work. First, and critical, I have two houses. I am NOT going to pay for two services. If I am at my main house, i am not using it at the lake house, and vice versa. You can not do that you Hulu. You have to tell them which wifi system is your home system and can’t watch it on another wifi system. They say in there FAQ’s “if you have two homes, you will have to purchase two plans.” That ain’t gonna happen.

Second, even with paying the extra fee for “unlimited” screens, my kids can’t use it (the home network thing). They don’t watch much TV, no reason for them to pay an outrageous fee to watch something every now and then. YouTube limits you to 3 screens. Fine. That keeps me from sharing my account with all my friends and neighbors.

It looks like I am out of options. I will watch the Cardinals for the next week on the free trial, but then, I am out of luck. I am not going to pay $60.00 a month just for the Cardinals. Would I pay $10 or even $15? Yep.

Same here.

I too did the 7 day Hulu trial. I did not know about the single user, I assumed it would be 3 users like YouTube TV.

However, I did try (and it works) the Fox Sports Go app. With Hulu you get the Fox Sports channel hence the Cardinal games. With this app you can watch on IPad or PC the Cardinal games & a few others from anywhere, such as a 2nd home or vacation, etc. You just have to sign in with your Hulu acct. Most newer TV’s will let you connect to your IPad or PC & show on the TV.

I am going to try this next week in Florida to ensure it works like I think it will.

I plan to pay the $55 for the 2-3 months & then make a decision between Hulu & YouTube TV.

It’s a shame that MLB.TV won’t allow you to watch all ball clubs. The blackout rules are so frustrating. If you’re willing to fork over the money for that, you ought to be able to watch anybody.

Especially this year, when you can’t even go to a game if you wanted to.

I get MLB.TV to watch the Cubs. While I get to watch the games, I wish they would include pre-game and post-game shows as well. It’s frustrating to watch a big win only to have the broadcast sometimes cut off right when they are interviewing a player on the field after the game.

It just seems like the television arrangement really prevents MLB from growing the sport as much as they could.


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