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But if our FB team is going to move up in the SEC with improved wins and as a program, we’ve got to win some recruiting battles for difference makers in the OL, DL and LB. I think we’ve had a good roster upgrade this offseason at QB, DL and DBs. Our glaring weakness I think is OL and LB DEPTH. We have decent players there but OL needs more upgrades. LB has talent just need more depth.

I think we had a good recruiting class to address needs in DL, safety/CB, WR, QB and RB. Need more good OL and DB to make the next step as a program. The 2020 class is critical for our future success forecast.

I agree, I think 2020 is a really important class, and will be their most difficult.

Even Stepp is facing his adversity on the trail, I’m ready to see how he responds.

At the end of the day, if you want to win in the SEC there is a very simple recipe that is required now, a roster with more 4 stars than 3 stars. Not all 3 stars are diamonds in the rough, majority aren’t, majority won’t be SEC level players. That’s how you compete for championships in today’s climate. Stars matter, if they didn’t, the same teams who dominate recruiting wouldn’t be doing the same things year in and out.

I think if you start by gettin stud skilled position players and OL, DL, win some games and score a lot of points, it will get easier to recruit the other positions, as you win.

Ready to see how this class turns out, it’s important, and of course Chad knows that.

I believe the Arkansas Coaches feel much better than the fans about the young O-lineman in the system. Players like Noah Gatlin, Beau Limmer, Ricky Stromberg and others.

I also believe the fans have Chris Morris rated much higher than the Arkansas Coaches. I think when Luke Jones transfer in, Chris became a less of a priority.
High school coaches have a habit of adding an inch or two to high school players height. I think Morris is closer to 6-2.5 in height.

Looking at the profile of the O-lineman Arkansas is recruiting, most stand at 6-5 to 6-7 range and are offensive tackles.

Chris Morris’ profile

Morris was measured at 6-3.5 barefooted at an Opening Regional. Schools usually weigh and measure kids on visits too.

Morris is a stud, absolutely significantly better with more potential than any OL we got last year.

Last years OL haul was the, diamond in the rough haul, that won’t cut it. You’ll get some, sometimes, but all of those guys won’t be major contributors, more than likely. Cunningham is the only guy that looks like a for sure stud.

I’ll bet money on Limmer and Stromberg being very good gets before they leave.

I agree Richard,Heck I would give Limmer every shot I could to start at C this yr and yes I know how hard it is to play C in the SEC but he looks to be much more physical than Clary who admits he struggles in that area.I like Stromberg too but am anxiuosly waiting to see what he weighs when he reports,He is very physical but will have to get up to SEC weight to help us.

Totally disagree about Morris who IMO is a better prospect than Jones.IMO Morris is a must have and I doubt coaches have backed off at all,there are some things going on behind the scenes that are not helping us with him Richard said but I’m sure he is probably #1 on the list for OL

I agree on limmer, I’d bet on him. He and Cunningham are the only two I think are going to be “good”. I had hopes Chib… (the other juco guy) would be but after seeing some of his spring clips, I’m letting that go, I don’t see it.

I hope you’re right about stromberg.
The other guys though, I’m still scratching my head, also hope I’m wrong.

Morris is a guard. Look at the profile of the O-linman Arkansas has been recruiting, I think you will see most are offensive tackles. Arkansas is recruiting tall, long arm limeman with quick feet and agility. these types can play inside or outside. Where Morris would be a guard or center.