Capital One Orange Bowl Announcers screw up!!

I had just flipped over to catch the beginning of the Orange Bowl between
Wisconsin and Miami. The sideline reporter was talking about how intelligent
on of the players was and his double major in college. A double major of
Physics and Astrology. Thats right she said ASTROLOGY!!! Then they bounce
it back to the booth and one of the commentators he could not handle the
physics but probably could the astrology cause they gaze at the sky a lot!

What a pack of Morons!! Astrology as a major. I’m almost positive they meant
to say Astronomy. I’m not even sure there is a school you can major in
Astrology in the states. If you want to look outside the United States, you can
find The Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in New Delhi.

Astrology!! What a flub not just once but twice!!

That’s funny.

Suntan U might actually have an Astrology major.

Nancy Reagan was probably an astrology major.


Nancy Reagan was probably an astrology major.

[/quote]Oh Kathy. You made me choke on my ham and beans.