After the game tonight Chad Morris said Austin Cantrell went through the senior ceremonies because he is thinking of moving on. It sounded like moving on meant from football, not from Arkansas. Morris said Cantrell is married.

Sometimes players know they aren’t going to the NFL and they need to be making a living for a family so it may be the best thing for the young family. Best wishes to Cantrell no matter what he decides to do.

I agree Army. There will lot’s of such decisions made after this season both by players and the coaches. Getting talent is important but getting culture in place is more so and that is still playing out but indications are it is being addressed behind the scenes so to speak. If we do indeed recruit 29 players this year, there are about 7 more such decisions coming.

Cantrell has played a lot this year, and generally played well in his role. I don’t think he was one of the upperclassmen who did not buy in. He’s probably just ready to get on with the next phase in his life.

I’m sure he looked at the big picture here. We will not contend for anything next year & playing will not get him drafted. He is a bright young man that took full advantage of his athletic scholarship. Why risk injury or anything that would postpone life at hand with his family.
He is still & will always be a Razorback. Wish him well.

Thought he always played very hard… best wishes to him

Very true.

He probably figures if he is getting limited playing time this year that it is not likely to improve with who is coming in next. He’s a good role player and he’s done that very well, but I can understand moving on. Wish him well.