can't watch

is anyone getting the game? i clicked on site and usc something or other came up but no picture. what am i doing wrong?


Nope. Nothing here.

It just came on!

If on now but we missed us bat :evil:

It took me FOREVER to get the game on my Firestick.

And the graphics were non-existent except between innings. Then they were just wrong.

How did you get it to stream on your firestick? I tried, then eventually just gave up and plugged my laptop into the tv with an hdmi cable and streamed it that way. Any pointers would be great.

I think you can use the Silk browser to stream on the Firestick. I do everything on Roku anymore, so I’m not as familiar with it as I used to be.

I think you can use AirPlay also.

That was a terrible production all the way around. Graphics were wrong, camera work was awful. Just a very amateurish production. I couldn’t see Franklin’s great catch in left field in the 8th inning. Didn’t see Ezell getting picked at second. Cameras didn’t show either play. No zooming in to the OF at all. Only way to know if a ball was caught was the reaction afterward.

And who is O’Pitts? Is he related to Opitz? The announcer never pronounced it right.

Thanks for the tip. I tried it through the firefox app early on and it didn’t work, but I think that was just before they turned the stream on at their end. I’ll give it or the Silk browser another shot tonight.

I used the Firefox app and typed in the URL of the USC web site. I did manage to save the URL in the app, so when it bombed (and it did several times early) I was able to simply click on the saved URL.

Now that you mention it, that was why I gave up on using the Firefox app last night, it kept crashing before the streaming page would load. I completely forgot about that. Nice tip about saving the URL though.

That is what I did last night - the Silk browser on my Firestick. It worked great.

I was able to watch it on my Ipad. Had no issues except those that appeared to come from the USC site.

I switched to Silk tonight and was able to see the entire screen … what a concept!