Can't wait to see what other new tricks Muss has up his sleeve -------------

--------------------- Tyrell was eating our lunch for most of the game, so CEM pulls out a trap with Whitt guarding Tyrell and Desi coming over to trap him, forcing the ball out of his hands and preventing him from driving, breaking our D down, scoring, dishing, getting fouled, or stepping back and shooting well the three like he had done most of the game to that point. First time they used that this year, waited for the second half, and Ole Miss was unable to adjust. THAT won the game as much as Isiah getting hot shooting and making two great steals.

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It was big, next time I hope he does something like that before he drops 27 on us though.

Spot on with that observation,


Another example of outstanding coaching!


Nice take, Modo. We may get outplayed this year a few times, but we aren’t going to be beaten due to poor coaching. This guy can coach up his team.

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