Can't wait to see how CSM & staff finish this recruiting class ------

------------ can Sam and/or Briles bring in a talented quarterback transfer or freshman or both, can Sam and/or Davis snag the top offensive lineman in the country or at least three strong O-linemen, can Sam and/or Smith bring in a talented running back to add to this class, can Sam and/or Cooper pick up a good young tight end in this class, etc.?

Overall, they seem to be improving significantly this class’s O-line, linebackers, secondary, and running back recruits. Receivers look like they are going to be OK. Jury is still out on QB and tight end recruiting. Hoping for good news real soon on those. Go Hogs.

The class currently comes in at No. 49

ESPN rankings-

Richard, do you have a feel for where it will ultimately end up? Think it’s got a chance to get into the 20’s? 30’s?

I notice we’re ranked where we are in large part because we only have 15 commits while a whole lot of the next several ahead of us have 3-8 more. Only TCU with 16 is well ahead of us having that few commits.

I would be totally guessing, but I think 35-45 would be a good finish.

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Are grad transfers figured into recruiting rankings?

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