Can't wait to bowl in that end zone

If perception on national TV means anything, that open end zone with a few grounds keepers picking nose is embarrassing (and I mean no disrespect).

But so happy we are finally doing the right thing.

I believe has hurt recruiting and national perception with that open end zone.

Thank thank thank you for finally bowling that in.

Great things ahead!!!

I am looking at the replay and for the life of me I can not see a grounds keeper anywhere.


Ok maybe I’m not sure who they are

But one of few open end zones in SEC and major players featuring shot of no people and an old brick wall is somehow appealing when making our stadium appear third rate?

Just thrilled we are finally renovating that embarrassing end zone so national TV audiences don’t think its a high school stadium from a that shot.

So happy after all these years we are about to look big and serious on TV with home stadium.