Can't wait for this to be released...

So which one of these schools is going down? … p-16-teams

My money is on Auburn, Kansas, UNC for sure.

The article I read describes an ominous state of affairs in college basketball that I wasn’t aware of. It involves shoe company(s), agents, coaches, and assistants, as well as schools and not mid-majors but those established ones. About time to clean our sport from two-bit scammers, sleazy coaches, and cheating administrators.

Kansas is an Adidas school, like Louisville. UNC and Auburn aren’t, but we already know Auburn was involved through Chuck Person. But nothing would surprise me, including if we get implicated somehow. I know one mama who will be ready to spill some dirt if her baby boy is ruled ineligible, whether that dirt is true or not.

The teams they already know are involved should go ahead and self impose the post season ban! They won’t but they should. Too much money is made by schools for making the Dance. I hope Greaseball “Cal” is named. The NCAA probably won’t do anything at all to the blue bloods.

If Arkansas is cheating, they are not good at it. :smiley:

I’m guessing you’re referring to Mr. Perry?

Yep, that would be the baby boy in question

That would make Honest Ben Holland at Moo U ready for another show cause from the NCAA. That would be poetic justice!

lol so true lol we shouldn’t have anything to worry about

If North Carolina is involved they will find away to get out of it ,just like they did a few months back.

Be careful what you ask for

They were just talking about this on Game Day, and you can already see how the media and talking heads are protectively massaging the issue. Oh, it’s been going on for quite a while and business is business. The NCAA just needs to loosen requirements so coaches and players aren’t at risk for being federally indicted. I am sorry but ignorance has never been an affirmative defense. These folks should know at the very least what they are doing is perhaps unethical. Hey, though, it’s ok because there is a lot of money involved. Let’s just loosen the rules some more.

I do think that kids making millions of dollars for their schools should get something…especially now that it’s one and done. However, rules are rules and accountability should be implemented. It won’t this time either though…unless it’s Western Kentucky or the like taking the hits for the hypocrites at the NCAA.