Can't wait for coordinators to be named -----

----- is there a power spread RPO coach out there? One that can keep Morris’ spread receivers on board and take advantage of offensive line power when it gets in place.

Kiffin isn’t keeping Rich Rod, so he’s available.

Brent Dearmon is a rising star that I wish he’d take a long look at.

Where is he from Jackson?

Rich rod would be a great hire, and get us a leg up on some of their commits.

I’m all for
lashlee - 1
Rich rod-2

Not crazy about his buddy Jay Johnson, but he does have a nice RB commit at the same school as one of Sams OL commits at Georgia, here in NOLA. Both are studs and I’d assume we’d have a chance. Jay also isn’t stuck in the stone ages, likes single back set, options and RPO

We desperately need a QB guru. If that’s the OC, great, but if not, then we need an assistant who’s developed young QBs. KJ, has promise, but was not close to ready at the end of this past season. If KJ isn’t the answer, we need a fall back other than a true freshman if possible. Another grad transfer?

Maybe a great QB coach could straighten out the head and the footwork of poor Starkel, after Morris and Craddock seemingly ruined him. I have no idea if that’s possible. NFL arm going to waste right now.

Dearmon looks great and may well only be an assistant for a couple of years. He sure seems to be a QB’s dream coach. Time for him to step back into the SEC and wing it with the big dogs.

Would Bobby Petrino take the OC job? :thinking:

IMO, this is the critical step in his tenure…hiring the correct OC and DC. These two will help define his team over the next 3-4 years based on their roster evaluations of what they want to run, and proper evaluations of recruiting to close the deal on the new crop of players we need to sign this year. I’m especially interested in DC choice.

I too am wondering who his OC will be. I get a feeling the DC will be Odom and I would be thrilled with that. He is very well connected and highly respected so this will be interesting to see how it all lays out.

Rich Rodriguez would be a nice hire as OC. He would be a good fit for Jefferson, but a poor one for Starkel. We are going to need a couple of more quarterbacks. We are in dire shape at that position.

I keep hearing of feelings Odum will get the DC job. Why is that? Does Sam have a connection with him or is it just because Odum is a great DC? As you can tell I’m not an insider, so excuse my ignorance.

Based on a tweet Pittman sent out after Odom was let go it appears they are very close. He mentioned him as a very dear friend of 20 plus years or something like that. Plus, Odom was a very good DC before becoming a head coach.

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Odom may have his eye on the Memphis Hc job…but i would take him as DC for sure.

Rich Rod and Barry Odom would be the dream team.

I would take Lindsey over the other QBs we have.

The question is not whether Petrino would take it, but would we take Petrino.

Yeah I think the BOT would have seven kinds of kittens if someone wanted to re-hire a coach who had intentionally exposed the university to a sexual harassment situation.

Pretty impressive