Cant wait for a season without a QB named


“Beating a dead horse” Yeah, banged up ankle and shoulder. Can’t wait till next year and see who gets the blame. Lol.

Well he is a major part of the problem! Maybe trying to do to much? The fumble I thought he would slide for sure? Try’s to juke defender and fumbles at the 50. For a senior qb team captain to make that mistake is inexcusable to me! Fourth down play to win the game. Our qb throws it over the reciever not catchable? I agree reciever quit running pattern? But on fourth down at least throw a jump ball? Instead our captain throws the ball to far then blames the reciever! The mental mistake I have seen by this quarterback are terrible! Is he tough? Yes ! But very disappointed in his leadership all year!

I before e except after c.

Quarterbacks are difference makers and the difference can be positive or negative.

In Bielema’s five seasons, I would rate our QB contribution as superior in only one – Brandon Allen’s senior year. In the other four seasons our QB play has been mediocre at best.

I’m not sold on Cole Kelley at this point. He needs to work on his accuracy and, in my opinion, would benefit by improving his fitness level.

I have a feeling that next season a QB that we have not seen play, will be the starter.

Whether it’s a transfer, Juco, or freshman, I think a new guy who is a true dual threat will be the qb.

I like Cole, but I don’t think he will fit the style of the next coach, seeing if it’s one of the two who we think are the most likely candidates. (Gus or Norvell)

Kid has given up his body for your school for two years, hit more than anybody in college, has taken shots to play and represented the UA in a class manner.

Has injured his shoulder, knee and foot at different times

He’s not been good this year. Obviously.

But always good to cheap shot those guys on the way out the door.

Most likely candidates?

Don’t know if I would go that far. But most speculated about? Certainly.

Well I guess that’s what I meant.
Key words in it were ‘we think’

No one really knows, but that seems to be the guess.

Either way, I think we are due for a true DT qb, it’s a great equalizer.

Agree 100%

Absolutely agree… this abomination of an OL fielded by Biekema the last two years has wounded this kid physically and mentally. A real shame… the Austin we saw the first part of last year before the beating took it’s toll was something to see.

Interesting comment Dudley re: coaching candidates. Makes me eager to see your official hot board!


Dude has taken a beat down because the failure of recruiting. Not even Peyton Manning himself could have taken the beating like Austin has and look like the same QB. I don’t blame the kid one bit for expressing frustration on the sidelines. His WR’s are slow, they have no clue what route to run or how to run a route. His oline and their coach are an embarrassement to SEC football. Austin has more class than I would have.

Didn’t mean to double my post, I’m not the most techy cat.

How about another Calcagni?

He was a good one

Completely agree. I admire his toughness. I appreciate what has done and tried to do for the program. Never have had an issue with him. Can’t imagine how hard it is at times especially with the name on the back of his jersey.

Your name is Fred, right?

Have to love the fans and their out right hatred