Can't sleep. Broken-hearted

I am so upset about that game.

Its not that we lost. I fully expected we would lose. 11.5 underdog. We hadn’t played well against the closest thing out league has to NC–aka UK and Florida.

Its the way we lost.

I am NOT upset at our team at all. Quite the opposite. Our kids played like maniacs. Mike kept pointing to his heart…and we were PURE heart,. Not to say UNC has no heart…but we were the less-talented team, and it was our unbelievable effort on defense that had us in position to win. We played with greater effort. More heart. We just did.

But in cruncn time, Macon goes down. Beard and Barford hobbled. Still, it was ours for the taking…and it takes TWO terrible calls to take them down.

And that’s the thing. The “protect the big boy” calls just drive me crazy. They tried to give them to Duke too…but South Carolina won anyway.

This one will haunt me. But not because of what our Hogs didn’t do. They played better than I ever imagined. I hated to see it taken away with those two calls. UNC is a great team. May win it all. But we had them. We HAD them.


Back to try to sleep.

Love this team. And loved watching Mike’s style of basketball almost take down the #1 seed. Should have taken them down.

Small consolation: ESPN radio was just saying what we all know: there were TWO bad calls. First, Macon was fouled. Yes UNC tipped it. Then the dudes hand hit amacon’s arm. That’s a foul. Macon shoulda been at the line shooting 3. Then the “lower your shoulder and extend your arm then walk” no-call.

Their pundits said it was “too bad.”

We played a great game. I think the SEC officials bias to protect UK and UF has gotten worse over the years. It was bad enough that it got into our kids heads multiple times this year. The unfair battle of 5 against 8 has gotten into our heads a little I would assume. It would for me. It got in our heads when those refs let UNC crawl all over MK’s back, UNC tackle Dusty, and use their physicality/size against us. They let UNC play physical yet called ticky tack fouls on us. We overcame the Ref Bias until the cramps took our 3 best players out for various times in the last 5 minutes. Then it got worse…the Refs let UNC do even more physical stuff like Berry steamrolling Adrio Bailey with a no call, they did not call a foul on Meeks when he hit Macon on his 3 NOR did they overturn the possession when it was CLEAR that Meeks touched the ball last.

Our 3 guards with Cramp strained muscles, those last 2 terribly blatant calls got in our heads…here we go again…the refs are against us AGAIN.

Bad Officiating that made me feel like we had SEC refs in the game.

I’m more upset about it today than I was last night. Then I was overcome with pride. Today, I’m more pissed because of how we got screwed.


This is how I am. Any mention of the Sweet 16 is just making me sick because we should be there and should be one of the big stories of the NCAAt.

The more I replay the game the more I am convinced we were jobbed. The only doubt I have is whether it was intentional.

It’s obviously intentional the more I’ve replayed the game. The shot clock violation called Manny clearly got that shot off. On Hannah’s drive where he lost the ball late he was hit by 3 different players and no call. The sideline turnover we were pushed. Adrio Bailey steal called a foul was clean! You can easily see durning the course of the game we should have taken at least 15 more free throws. That was not going to happen.
I’m ticked off because it makes me think of the UCLA screwing we took in the Dollar game with no calls for us and calls aginst us. This is just about money that’s really it.

Have any good music you can play?