Can't say for sure how Sam will work out

but several coaches from Power 5 and non-Power 5 schools have already reached out and expressing interest about being on Pittman’s staff.

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Hope one was Lashlee, personally.

I think Sam will have a lot of options. Needs to get it rolling so he can recruit

HY may have pulled off the biggest surprise in coaching hires this year, don’t know how this will turn out but you have to like the excitement it has already generated. WPS

I agree with both your thoughts.

And yet, HY would have been crucified had he gone after SP without first fully exploring the LK option … the splashy, big-name coach that many wanted (including Ole Miss). So HY made a “reasonable offer” to the LK Camp, but as soon as HY realized he was being played, he dropped that effort, and continued his efforts.

Sometimes … sometimes the good guy DOES come out ahead. (Fingers crossed, anyway.)

If Kiffin tried to play HY by upping the ante, then I say good on HY for cutting LK off at the knees. I’d rather have Pittman anyway since I’m not sure that LK has been completely rehabilitated.

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I like the way HY handles his job, close to the vest type guy that been around the block. If CSP works out and CEM continues to make strides with the BB program HY will become a hot commodity. There’s a lot of “ifs” that’s yet to be seen yet, but I can’t kick about his decisions he’s made to date. WPS