can't open any stories

When I go to the WHS website I get the login page and it won’t accept my email/password. From there I can click on the “forums” tab and can view and the different threads but every time I try to open a link for a story I once again get the login page and it won’t accept my email/password.

Same here. I notified Matt last night so they know about it.

I’m able to login as you just fine and access articles and the premium forums. Perhaps you forgot your password? If so click the Password Reminder link on the login page and check your email.

Not quite. If we’d forgotten our password we couldn’t read this PREMIUM board either. I’m getting the same thing, and I cleaned out my cache last night. Click a link to WPS and it gives me a link to log in, but never actually gives me the blanks to put the username/email and password.

Exactly. I wouldn’t think I could be posting and reading the premium board if my password was the problem.

I’ll shoot you a PM with some contact details.

I have the same problem.

same here

I haven’t had any problem with this site until 5 minutes ago. I am logged in properly but can no longer read the articles. Something has changed and its not on my end.

I’m able to log in as each of you without any issues and access stories just fine. What exactly are you seeing when you try to read a story? Can you try logging out (which will clear your cookies) and log back in and have another go?

Please email with specifics and someone from customer service will be happy to help troubleshoot.

Link will not work for me.