Can't imagine looking forward to next year

If BB still coach. The fans have heard and seen enough. Bottom line is we don’t have the players now nor will we next year. This is Bielema’s team and either he failed to evaluate them or failed to coach them. IMO, he has lost the average fan. Gonna have the stadium renovation done next year and a perfect time to bring in a young, hungry energetic coach that can recruit SEC talent. Fayetteville is great college town with first class facilities but its a pain to get to from any source of SEC players other than TX and OK. That’s where we need to focus along with North LA. I know I talk about this alot but I really believe going back to the traditional throwback uniforms would energize the fanbase. We don’t even recognize the team from week to week. There’s a reason your better programs pro and college alike keep their traditional look.

Yep uniforms will help.
He has good players just not enough yet

We are 3 Olineman, 2-3 Dlineman, 2 LB’s for depth and a Safety away from a different team. Our whole team is built around ball control but we don’t have the Oline to play smash mouth. Change the play calling to more quick passes and that helps in multiple ways. We return some studs that were injured this year - Pulley will definitiely improve the defense with Curl and Calloway. Jamario Bell will be back at OLB.

So all we need is 3OL, 3DL and 2LB,s to be a great team. Well that’s not asking for much :lol: :lol: How about a mobile athletic QB who can make a play when this future great OL falls apart like it has lately.

And you forgot a Safety

Guys, no one younger than 50 cares about “throwback uniforms.” Silly to think so. And most over 50 do not care either. Throwback to what?

Uniforms do not matter. When we whipped Florida’s ass last year wearing the anthracite, everyone thought they were great. Lose to Auburn and now they are bad.

Uniforms are the very least of our problem. WINNING is what will energize the fan base.

Notre Dame wears all sorts of tricked up uniforms. They are winning this year. I suspect the ND fans love all the different uniforms.

I don’t think the uniforms have anything to do with energizing the base. The fans were into the game in the first half Saturday, especially after Arkansas was able to get some stops on defense.

The crowd did not become a focal point until they bailed in the third quarter. Hard to blame them because of what they were seeing on the field.

Uniforms don’t matter (do think anthracite works better in daytime when the Hog on the helmet is more visible), but it’s a matter of depth. CBB is not a bad recruiter; we’ve got some very talented players. But misses and misevaluations on linemen (both sides of the ball), which most would have thought would have been his strengths, and not enough recruiting defensive speed in the back seven early on (it’s better now, but still needs help at safety, particularly) have definitely hurt. Whoever the coach will need to address those areas.

I always look forward to the next year…I am a Hog fan, root hard for them win or lose. I always hope that the whoever the current head coach is does things well enough to stay for the next year and turns programs around but if not, I will be rooting just as hard for the new coach


If they can shore up the line, they have a chance to be pretty good.

Arkansas’ best teams have playmakers at all the skill positions. They have some very promising talent at all the spots. We saw Saturday what Warren can do. You also have Maleek Barkley, Maleek Williams and Koilan Jackson redshirting.

I believe every word in your post and I also think we have a shot at much improvement. My question is can we pull this off with the coaches we have or do you feel some changes coming if CBB continues as head coach next season? WPS

I’m not Richard, but I don’t think CBB’s current staff will all be here next year. I think Enos is here unless he gets a decent offer to leave. Smith, Lunney will remain because of their recruiting and positions are good. Reggie Mitchell is another offensive guy that I think he keeps. That’s the OC, RB, WR, TE coaches. On defense Vernon Hergreaves, Chad Walker would be who I kept. Unfortunately, Rhoades is listed as the DC/DB coach. The DB’s have improved, but is he good enough for DC, I don’t think so. Both sides of the line needs to leave. JMO

I really believe Rhoads is an excellent DC. I dont think it is fair to judge him on year 1 after switching schemes.

Not my call though…something needs done.

I’ll give you that

I remember reading an analysis of what single factor is characteristic of on field success. It was explosive plays. This was either offense or defense. Mostly, offense. We have not seen that with the Hogs for several seasons.

Totally agree. If a new coach can bring a couple linemen and some confidence and swagger, this boat can be rited.

Some good young skill talent on this team.

Just shore up the line? I am a long ways from an expert, but that is a position that normally takes a couple of years to shore up, at least that is what I have been told. The next big question is, Shore up with what? Perhaps there is something there that I don’t know about. If so, why are they not on the field now. If you look at what is on the field now, it seems the only thing needed is a lack of SEC talent, slow feet, not Oline strong, and no real idea how to protect the passer or run block. I think there are a lot of guys around that can fit that template.

I’ve said before, I’m not sure Bret gets the axe. However, I saw something during the AUB game, that I have a concern about. When AUB came out and scored on their first drive of the third quarter, I saw both the defense and offense hang their heads, as if to say here we go again. I think sometimes a team gets an expect to lose attitude. Maybe a change in HC could do that, or a SR stepping up in a leadership role. I think if you see that change in attitude, this team may surprise people. There are times in games the offense looks good, and sometimes the defense looks good. That “expect to lose” attitude might affect what we think. If they change the attitude, they may shock you with results.

Ex: AR record 4-7, next year 4-7, next year 8-0 and out playing the number one team in the nation at their house. First thing that coach did was address the attitude.

Yes, this.

And what is so discouraging about the lack of an Oline, is THAT is what we’ve been waiting on, what we believed Beliema was going to bring with time… a mature, well developed, and experienced offensive line; that is two deep, because that’s what we do… We recruit big offensive linemen, redshirt them, feed them with proper nutrition and hydration, put them through our strength training, and by the time they are 3-4 years in the program they are part of a dominating offensive line.

So here we are, 5 years later, and the offensive line is nowhere near what I’ve just described. How do you “shore up” this offensive line, short of recruiting 5 Shawn Andrews/Jason Peters types?

Agree. Fix the OL. Year 2 in 3-4 defense. Get the injured guys back. Add guys like Montaric Brown. I’d expect a good season.