Can't fire him....

Even with a likely NIT appearance. Not with the next 2 classes set to arrive.

But I never would have dreamed 6 years ago that we would still be struggling to be relevant in an increasingly marginal SEC.

I’m on the half-empty side of my opinion of Coach Anderson. Season isn’t over, but this is just a horrible loss that will take a lot to overcome if we are a bubble team.

This just seems ridiculous to me. You can’t let recruiting classes hold you hostage if you think a change has to be made.

A new coach will bring in his own recruits. A new coach may be able to keep some of those already signed.

If a coach makes one dance in six chances, all the while being in the SEC, why would you expect it to be any better the following years?

Let’s hope for all of our sakes that we rattle off 9 wins in a row.

You got 2 guys coming in who are at the Top 5 at their positions in 2017 Gafford and 2018 Perry. With a new coach you might hold onto Gafford, but Perry and possibly all the other studs off the Hawks are probably gone.

I’m not happy with it, but I do not think it’s smart to fire a coach coming off a 20-25 win season, and 2 back to back Top 10-15 recruiting classes lined up.

If that is our standard, we might as well not show up like most fans at home games this year.

I like Mike.

Praying that he makes tourney.

No sympathy for anything less anymore.

You can’t blame the coach for this one !
Macon being stubborn with the arm getting 3 offensive fouls cost. Bardford tried to do too much in that last possession. Offense was stagnet and defense was non existent against a sorry team so where does that leave the hogs?
You sure don’t fire the coach.
It would not surprise me for this team to go 0 and 8 in these regular season games. They don’t show discipline that’s not the coaches fault. This sure is not the fastest forty! How many touches did the big man get down low? How stupid fouls 40 feet from the basket? When we absolutely had to have a rebound it’s a jump ball. I think it’s time to play half court and learn to guard folks. Ugly horrible loss!

Totally agree with Navy. The 2017 and 18 classes we have coming in are not just good classes. The 2 classes are potentially comparable to the Hogs’ '89 and '90 classes or the '92 and '93 classes. That 2018 class, especially has the potential to catapult us back into National contention for the following 3-4 years.

Now, if Bill Self or Mark Few want to come here go for it. Otherwise, unless Mike loses our last 10 games I’d vote to stick with him until he proved he couldn’t win during the 2018-19 season.

Will not renew my season tickets next year unless Mike is fired

I’m moving back to NWA this summer. I will buy them.

I think it is crazy to talk about firing CMA. He has not performed to my expectations but he is not a BAD coach. The program needs stability but CMA needs to change with the times. Long is going to have to earn his money by demanding that CMA stop clinging to 40 minutes of Hell and the trapping defense too much. Use it but don’t use it all the time. Everybody changes up defenses from man, Zone, matchups, etc, so we just need to use more man and zone without trapping all the time. UK, UF and Louisville were up tempo teams that changed by adding more fundamental defense. The trapping defense is NOT a good scheme against teams that have good guards…or guards that are better than ours. We don’t seem to change schemes to match our talent or our opposition’s. I had hoped that we were going to go to more man and zone (no traps) instead of so much reliance on trapping against good guards. We always leave someone open for an easy shot when we trap good guards.

I was worried about losing Pelphry’s last class of he was fired. But they ended up not losing anyone. Apples and oranges, maybe. But maybe not.

Wow – replay of the November football nightmare! Old Mo just loves to see us coming. I just can’t believe we weren’t better prepared for this game. This is simply not an NCAA tourney team. You just don’t loose games like this to the worst team in a very mediocre conference. CMA is not the answer; not a supporter.

I agree. Devastating loss & one that could keep us out of the NCAAT, but on balance, I think the better plan is to keep him. If things totally collapse in the next 3 weeks, I might change my mind, but if we finish with about 21 wins & an NIT bid, we still showed some improvement and give ourselves a chance to improve again next year. Besides, there’s still an outside chance we pick up an unexpected win or two.

When its a discipline problem, there is nobody but the coach to blame!!! This late in the season???

Bye! :x can’t build a program by firing coaches…

Had a great night out with my wife, without watching a losing effort in BWA #winning

Oh wait

Weren’t the 2 JUCOS Mike’s ticket to the tourney this year and din’t Dud’s say Barford was an one and done here?

My past observation of coaching change is that the new coach visits and keeps the players. The reason, the players usually are coming to a school and not necessarily the coach. If the kids dream has been to be a Razorback, he will be a Razorback regardless. That being said, MA more likely will coach here the next few years and the results will decide his stay or go.

I love the optimism of making the NIT…

Weren’t the 2 JUCOS Mike’s ticket to the tourney this year and din’t Dud’s say Barford was an one and done here?

No, I didn’t say he was definitely one and done.

I said he has the type of talent to be a one-and-done guy.

And I brought it up when Daryl was saying that he was coming in with the mindset.

But now that I think about it, you are right.

This is all fault. :sunglasses:

Mike brought in Cook and Thomas and they are mid season busts. Thomas seems totally lost. Both of them should be thankful they are still on scholarship after their past adventures.