Can't explain the reason

But I WANT MR. Kelly Bryant as our QB next year.

Maybe the best class ever to sign with the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Fill the gaps and let his legs run the show. I bet with Chad getting some guys ready to play, maybe the youngest team in the nation but Kelly can run right out of trouble.

Sad flip of the coin on our schedule. HAVE this years schedule and that would have really make Mr. Bryant thinking of what he could do.

Have the youngsters watch and learn…

Then we will be a much better team. ADD ANOTHER class with equal strength and Coach CM could have the bigest turn around in the SEC, maybe the nation. AND NO I’m not drinking.

Help me out with some thoughts!!


My two cents…

Yes, I want Kelly Bryant as well. With a true dual threat QB with elite experience, I would think that threat alone will help our Oline next year(someone with better knowledge can help me out on that logic). With Boyd, Whaley, O’Grady, and the WR’s we have coming in, adding Bryant would be the ultimate centerpiece to getting this “hammer down” offense going next season.

Without KB, we are 4-8 and still no SEC wins next year.

With KB, I think we are 6-6 and win bowl game.

KB/QB - May automatically give us 2-3 more wins against weaker competition. Against SEC teams, hoping he doesn’t get injured trying to do to much against the best defenses he has ever faced on a consistent basis.
WR’s - Lot of stock being put in the true freshmen with the best of the lot coming off major knee surgery & possibly cleared just prior to fall practice. How many will be here in the spring? Learning the system & timing with QB(s).
RB’s - Should have a healthy stable of those & possibly one of the best in SEC, Boyd.
OL - Prayers for vast improvement, some depth, & quality replacement of 3 starters.

Defense - May put us in shoot outs. But there will be plenty other SEC teams with new QB’s & could work in our favor.

Make a bowl game, call it a good year. Win 7-8 regular season games call it vast turn around & raise expectations for the following year without KB as the QB.

If he comes it would allow Morris to open up the offense a bit, especially if some of the freshman receivers play above their classification. If not, well we are grooming either a redshirt freshman or a true freshman at qb and I would expect to still see about 30% of the offensive playbook utilized. About the same offensively as we’ve seen this year but a bit more wide open because it will be year 2 in the system

As far as next year, I think they will get an sec win or three. Yes 3. 6 to 7 wins total and a bowl. Another great recruiting class and at least we will have a pretty solid foundation moving forward.

You give Ole Miss, Miss St, Missouri, and Kentucky too much credit to write of losses to them in 2019. All will take big steps back. In fact, I expect MSU to be the cellar dweller of the SECW in 2019. They will he absolutely devastated on defense due to graduations and Simmons declaring for the draft. Also lose their QB

Guaranteed wins? Of course not but we should expect to be very competitive with all four of them.


I haven’t looked at list of players graduating from those teams you mentioned but felt some would take a big hit due to this and players jumping early. Do you have those numbers or estimations…just curious.

Thanks for the great post!

I agree. Missouri loses Locke. Ole Miss loses their QB. As pessimistic as I was this year (I wasn’t 2-10 pessimistic, but I was pessimistic), I feel pretty good about 6 wins next year. I could see a couple more. Certainly possible we’ll do no better than 4-8, but I don’t think so. We’ve been pretty competitive in our losses this year–at least since the UNT game. We’ll be a better team next year. Several of our opponents won’t be as good.

Good source of quick info for two deep rosters at various schools -

Cool…thank you sir!