Can't catch a break

If we don’t lose Boyd AND Whaley we win this game.

Not to mention Ty.

And then an inexcusable knucklehead play to wipe out a great return.

We played not to lose…that gets you beat every time. The 2 half play calling was too conservative against a horrible defense. Chad Morris looks like a deer in the headlights.

Morris deer in headlights? Yeah right. 3 critical injuries? He is trying to win with Fort Smith Southside talent. Hang on. More talent on the way. Need DL depth and to graduate Ramirez.

It awful to lose against that bunch of losers from Oxford. I miss Coach B tonight. I don’t know how but he would have pulled a rabbit out of his hat and won that game. I don’t care how many games we lose I just want to beat Ole Miss. Pathetic second half by the coaches.

Ole Miss has running backs playing safety. We never challenged them the whole 2nd half. We sat on the ball the entire 2nd half, trying to hold on while Ole Miss played aggressively.

O’Grady never got a touch the 2nd half.

Our luck against the Rebels ran out tonight.