Can't believe anyone is giving CCM grief for watching his son play on Friday nights................

…not only is it the right thing to do, it allows him to be in stadiums where great Texas High School recruits are playing on every Friday and that is an edge over other coaches. On Friday nights, players usually go to a movie as a team and there is very little if any coaching going on. The “hay is in the barn”, the game plan is set, and there are no “last minute” strategizing or changes being made. So please back off, let him be a Father, because it helps us, not hurts our program. JMVVVVHO

I agree. If people are upset about that, especially in light of how little his time away from the team meant for actual preparation or outcome of the game, I think they’re just ready to jump him about anything.


Another thread on this complete non issue.


I try my best to give everyone great lee way in voicing their opinions. But this really upsets me.

It reminds me of people giving Nolan a hard time when his precious daughter was dying. Totally insensitive.

I really can’t comprehend how some people can be so shallow and frankly, stupid.

Every parent, irregardless of their job, should have the right and privilege to enjoy watching their children either compete or perform. No questions asked.

I applaud CCM in taking the time and effort to watch his son play. And those who provide him the transportation to do so.

And I am totally embarrassed of any Arkansas fan voicing their displeasure of CCM doing so.

The stupid thing is “what do the critics do with their time off?” I am sure most are employed somewhere and they probably put in far fewer hours “on the job” than coaches do. Would they tolerate their employer’s customers demanding they “not support their family’s activities” during their time off?!?!?! CCM puts in a huge number of hours each week working for the Hogs and their fans. What he does during his “off work” time is his business, not ours! These critics need to shut up. They are an embarrassment to all “reasonable” Hog Fans. JMVVVVVHO.

It’s a total embarrassment.

Any upset fan should find another team to root for. We’ll all be better off.

This is like the “bert” deal. People will find anything to dig on, especially if it upsets the fans equally. Problem is fans continuing these posts will just keep fuel on the fire. Stop talking about it. It’s a non-issue.

God help us if we are criticizing Morris for attending his son’s games. I absolutely want the man to go watch his son play. After all, he told us right up front how he viewed his role in this life. I would be disappointed in him if he didn’t go watch his son. Shame on you nitwits if you think otherwise.

Some people just want to criticize the coach no matter how insignificant the reason.