Cannot get ladies game

Has it started? ESPN+ stinks

I can’t either. ESPN is screwed up. Other games work but ours won’t.

Wolfenbarger hasn’t played. Is she injured?

Looks like we are up 18 at the end of the 3rd quarter… Gotta say the ASU center #22 sure does seem to be free with her elbows from the little I’ve watched.

What is wrong w Jersey ant why hasn’t she played? Injured?

ASWho wishes they hadn’t gotten the ladies game. Hogs by 23 late over the Pink Pups.

Anyone know about Wolfenbarger?

all they said was that she (Wolfenbarger)was sick,94-71 final Hogs!

Thanks for the info.

The game was late coming on

Apparently they couldn’t get the shot clock to work
This resulted in an “Administrative Technical Foul”
We got one free throw before tip-off, which Ramirez missed.
I had never heard of this before. Have seen many games where there was loss of functioning shot clock, but never seen it called a T.

“Notoriously” embarrassing! :smirk:

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