Cannot Be Fired Up Every Game

I’ve been expecting a letdown from this team for the past couple of weeks. I think that I saw it from the defense last night. While I think that they tried hard and never seemed to give up on every play, I did not believe that I saw the same defensive team that has seemed to “play over their heads” in every previous game. This is not a complaint, rather a compliment to the coaching staff and the team that they have played so well every week to this point. I would appreciate relative comments from those of you who are more knowledgeable of the game than I am (which would probably be most or all of you). Also, how does this bode for the remainder of the season?

Don’t think it was so much a let down on defense side as it was other factors. Change of routine-HC not on sideline with DC taking over duties there, although Odom is more than capable in that role, but it took him out of the press box where he could see everything taking place and relay detailed instructions/adjustments. Combine that with playing against an experienced offense similar to LSU’s last year-with 4th-5rh year Oline, experienced QB and play makers at skilled positions. Against an established coaching staff on the road.
Good coaches with experienced and talented offenses and QB’s at this stage of the season have seen enough film and know how to attack our defense and expose the weak spots and personnel. Ala - aTm and Florida.

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Don’t think it so much a defensive letdown as it was a more talented team and the best QB we’ll face this year.

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And probably the best receiving corp.

I’m with worldseries & hogq. We just faced a top-flight offense. Trask was on target on nearly every throw & the receivers made some incredible catches on some throws that were well defended. Sometimes you just have to say the better team won & leave it at that.


Florida was just better! They had better depth and more Jimmy’s and Joes

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Not as a criticism of our defensive scheme, because it has been very good with the personnel we have to work with. However, the bend not break approach is extremely difficult with a team that is successfully running and has a great quarterback. We saw the value of very effective offensive line play, something that many of us can foresee in Fayetteville, with this staff.

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