Candace Parker

Candace is turning out to be one of the best TV analysts. I find her comments to be unconstrained by biases (she does show a slight SEC bias once in a while), past relationships and past friendships that most TV analysts have. She tells it like she sees it, kind of like Barkley, except without any dramatics.

Typical example was last night when the discussion was about only one of eight Big 10 teams making it to second weekend. While Seth Davis and Jay Wright were defending Big 19 for continuing to have most teams in the field every year, she challenged them on that and correctly pointed out that Big 19 style of play does not work in NCAAT where teams tend to play faster.

That is just one of the many examples I found last week’s coverage. Her analysis of jet plays is also very good.

I also find Jay Wright to be mostly good.


I liked her as a player and like her as an analyst as well

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