Cancel Subscription

Is there any way to cancel my subscription and get a refund for time remaining?

Someone hurt your feelings?

Tired of fighting pop ups.

And having to sign in much too often

And having to click on topics twice to view them

There are other sites just as god without have these issues

I’ve never had any of these issues people talk about. Seems odd that some people have such a hard time.

Agree I do not encounter any of these problems. I come in through the Democrat Gazette, since I subscribe to their paper, this site comes with that. I never receive any popups or have to sign in.

Do you guys having problems come in a different way, like through Scout? There has to be a way for you guys having problems to come in the same way I do. Could this be looked into? I don’t want to lose these good posters.

Yes, the God site is a good site. In fact it is divine. If I’m being honest though, I have to say that The Almighty does not cover Razorback sports quite as thoroughly as Clay and the gang.

As I posted in your other thread about popups, we believe we are close to having that issue resolved. It is not as simple as clicking a button. If you will be patient a little while longer, I think the popup issue will be resolved for you.

If you don’t want to wait any longer, call 1-800-757-6277 or email

I have same issue with clicking on topic twice for it to actually come up.

Don’t knw if you have tried or not, but I saved the forum page to my home screen and that helped greatly on having to log in every time I viewed the page instead of typing in the website every time.

Not sure what you are running, but I use Firefox with Adblock plus, and I have NEVER had a popup with this site. Since the switch to Wholehog sports, I don’t even see the three ads that used to be at the top of the page on Scout anymore.

I don’t the problem using the site from my computer it is only when I am using my iPhone. It is very frustrating. I am a frequent winner of amazon gift cards after I spin the wheel. If I clear the browser history it works for a while before I have to do it again

No problem with those issues on Safari.
It’s the Wally Hall and the UA- Fayetteville recurring theme and that annoy me.

I am guessing that most of it is solved. I use Safari and I have not had any problems since last week. Prior to that, it was a nightmare.

I was having problems with pop ups on my phone, never on my computer. I have not had that in a few weeks.

Signing in? Occasionally have to resign in. But it’s not like I have to retype my login info or my password. My computer knows it and puts in that information. So not a big deal to me.

I have never had to click on a topic twice to see it. Weird.

How do I cancel my subscription I don’t get a reply when I email them

I have looked through our support account and we have never received an email from the address registered with your account. Email or call 1-800-757-6277.

I enjoy the shared, written history and insights
that Clay takes the time to bring to this board.
DD forgets more in a week about basketball than
I ever learned. Besides, life is short and Razorback
love abounds on this board. Family feuds are simply
facts of life.

I’ve had all the issues they spoke about. I use an iPad and iPhone for access. If I leave the house with my iPhone and get away from the WiFi, it’ll log me out on both devices. If I log into it on my iPhone while I’m away, it’ll make me log back in via the iPad when I arrive home. And it won’t just re-enter the account and password, I have to do it manually. However, if I don’t try to access the board “on the go” I have zero issues.

As for clicking on the topic twice, I’ve had that issue before and it got fixed, not sure why some are still haveing it. Maybe they havent complained enough.

Now Matt, an issue I’m having is if RD, or Dudley post a link on their twitter and I click on it, it will not allow me to go to the article, even though it shows me signed in to WholeHog. If I leave Twitter and go through WholeHog I can see and read the article with no issues. I haven’t seen this particular problem mentioned before, so maybe it’s a new one. Could you pass it along to the tech’s? Or maybe have them look at this thread?

Yes, Twitter has changed something recently that is causing that in its internal browser. That is something I have been trying to get fixed this just this week.