Canada eliminated from the World Cup

Tough group to be sure, but I thought they might make some noise in their first WC in 36 years. Uh, no. Lost to Belgium, then Croatia blasted them 4-1 today after Canada took the early lead. Last match will be just playing out the string, kinda like the Misery game. They’ll be playing Morocco which could actually qualify, just like Misery trying to get bowl eligible. Meanwhile, Belgium and Croatia face a winner-take-all match, just like USA-Iran on Tuesday. Draws go to Croatia/Iran.

I did not know that Canada had never scored a goal in WC. I am glad it was Alphonso Davies who scored the first ever goal for Canada. That game was definitely ecstasy and agony for the Canadian fans.

They’d only made the WC once, in 1986, and were outscored 5-0 in group play then.

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