Canaan Sandy

I saw something earlier that Cannan and his mom were trying to do something charitable tomorrow for St.Jude’s, but it got shut down…supposedly by The University. Can someone elaborate on this, and provide info on how to help their cause? That guy, and his mom, is pure love.


He was collecting can tabs for St. Jude’s. I don’t see anything on twitter about it being shut down. It’s still up on Canaan’s twitter.

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I caught it on Alyssa Orange’s twitter this morning that it had been shut down. I hope that is not the case. Seems like that would be a PR nightmare for The University.

I don’t understand how the University would even be involved or able to shut it down. Is he an employee of the University? Even if he was, I wouldn’t think an employer can interfere with your personal charitable contributions or efforts to support a charity.

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