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This Arkansas team is amazing. Love watching this team. Probably the most fun I have had watching a Hog BBall team play in over 20years. So much fun… they never give up, they play with passion, they are intense on defense, slash to the basket, play team ball, and make big plays…
However, I couldn’t help but wonder the last few games what this team would have looked like with Isaiah Joe on it. Just for fun. Obviously not complaining at all, I love this team and we have made it to the Elite 8! This team has grit and can flat ball. But, the one glaring weakness on this team seems to be a spot up pure outside shooter. Initially, Joe announced he was going to come back and then changed his mind later (which I don’t fault him). But, with the way this team slashes, drives to the hole, makes passes, and has great mid-range / inside play, Joe could have given us a unique threat and found himself open quite a bit. I was just having fun imagining if we had Joe with this amazing squad…

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Joe should be on this team.

It’s a shame really.


If Joe was here we should be a bette team. But that means somebody else may not have got the minutes to step up as they have.
Then the other variables of the season, just because IJ was still here doesn’t mean we advance to where we are. But I would have liked the odds.

As much as I’d have liked to have had Joe on this team, no way in heck would I go back in time and add him to this team. I’m satisfied with the players we have and the play we got from them. Could we have been better? Maybe… For sure we’d be better? NO WAY TO TELL. Or would the chemistry this team seems to have not developed the same.

I like Joe, but I’d not go back and change a thing with this team. We are in the Elite Eight with a chance to go to the FInal Four. Why tempt fate with change. Before the season began, if you told me we’d make the elite eight if we lost Joe, I’d have helped him pack.

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If Joe had come back, what’s the best case scenario as of March 28, 2021? That we’d be in the Elite Eight.


Same with Mason. Loved watching both of them play, but clearly we didn’t “need” them to be successful this year.

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I wonder if Joe had stayed, would that have meant one less current player on scholarship? Who would we be without? Or, did we have room for him regardless?

If Joe was here, would Devo have had his opportunity to shine? I doubt it. He likely would only have shined the pine. Think about what Devo has added to the chemistry of this team. Would you be willing to give that up for IJ?

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